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News post: Enid-Raye Adams SCIFI.com chat transcript


<font size="+1">Enid-Raye Adams SCIFI.com chat transcript</font>
<font size="3">Read up on what Enid-Raye had to say at last night's live chat </font>

Over at SCIFI.com, Enid-Raye Adams (Firrelin B5LR) took part in an online chat last night, Thursday January 10 2002. Below is a transcript of the moderated portion of the chat, which has been edited for ease of reading.

Be sure to stay tuned to B5LR.com, where we'll shortly be bringing you an exclusive interview with Enie.

Many thanks to Lyta who sent in this transcript.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Hi everyone and thanks for joining us on SCIFI.com tonight where our sixth guest in our ongoing B5: Rangers chat series is Enid-Raye Adams. Enid-Raye Adams plays Firell, a Minbari healer aboard the Liandra.

(Moderator) Enid-Raye Adams has appeared in numerous television series, including The Outer Limits, The Lone Gunmen and DaVinci?s Inquest. She made her TV debut in Gone in a Heartbeat, opposite James Marsden. (Be still my beating heart!) A few years later she made her feature film debut in the independent film Lovely Young Thing, opposite Russell Crowe.

(Moderator) She's cool and she's wired! Check out: Enid-RayeAdams.com</font>

actually the russell crowe gig was my very first on camera role.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) How did you prepare to play the role? What did you draw from to play an alien in an imaginary universe?</font>

i prepared by reading the script. then i took direction from joe. the man is a great writer. everything is very clear. i also just hung out on set which is the COOLEST thing EVER (direction from joe happened in the audition, after that, we hung out with mike) cool.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): The acting bug bit you very early (influenced by your mom apparently), but what was it exactly that attracted you about acting (and made you stick with it)?</font>

its a world of magic. a person sort of falls into an imaginary world to tell a story and that's the luring part. also, the free nibblies at crafty is a big draw

<font color="#6699cc">(elriclovesdelenny): Did you feel extra pressure give the B5 fan base? </font>

i feel no pressure just overwhelming joy. and also the knowledge that if. i have any questions about a million fans around the world will provide me with answers.

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): How bad was the make-up? We keep hearing of actors on various science fiction series quitting because of the terrible ordeal with the make up. </font>

the first day was tough - 4:30am. but when i opened my eyes an hour into the process i was flabbergasted! you see, i lost my hair, my brows and was given a huge crome dome. WICKED!!! it was really unbelievable. i was so happy. i was so thrilled, they took a picture of me right there at 530am. its on my site ....taking the makeup off however, hurts a bit. all my neck and face hair (i'm actually a sasquatch) got ripped off.

<font color="#6699cc">(B5femail4u): So have you learned Minbari yet? Do you find yourself dropping into it with friends?

not yet... i didn't need to use it in the movie. but i am looking forward to learning it and using it as the new shakepeare insults next

<font color="#6699cc">(elriclovesdelenny): How was JMS like to work with?</font>

he was great. generous and very welcoming. he did lurk about in the background for the first couple of days taking pictures and then would come up and have chats. he was always so kind and really wanted to give us space to do the work. he also does a mean chicken dance! next and that last part is unfounded rumour

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Are you ready for the next question, Enid-Raye?</font>

yup, sorry i fell down and hurt myself...

<font color="#6699cc">* Moderator applies CPR</font>

thanks next

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Better now? Good --

(cyberminbari): If your character is a vegitarian, what does she eat? Is spoo out?</font>

wow that actually felt good moderator... what is spoo and how can i get some? i don't know what she eats, but i eat everything which was evident during the shoot when crafty kept running out of food. sometimes i have a flip top mouth.

<font color="#6699cc">(Dark-Lord-pt2): What are your likes and dislikes of the Minbari (be it religion, politics, fashion sense etc.)?

i have no dislikes, although the boots kind of pinched my thick ankles. i like the fact that she is a warrior priestess kind of gal the spiritual appeals to me.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) A lot of people are asking variations on this:

(hypatia): What role do you really, REALLY hope to play someday

(Kitaro): As an actor...What is the one movie you dream of doing Enid-Raye?</font>

i really hope to play a woman who has somehow really f-ed up in life and is turning it all around... with the assistance of her trusty steed, a sword and a pair of sorels. National Velvet after rehab! i guess a tough chick, but who is still sensitive enough to make snow angels ...sigh....

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Multiple enquiring minds also want to know:

(Rommie69) : I have to know, what is it like to work with Andreas Katsulas. The man must be an inspiration for Aliens in and out of the B5 realm.

(elriclovesdelenny): Did you see much of Andreus? What was he like? </font>

all i can tell you is, when that man is in character and opens his mouth to speak, you get goosebumps! when he is just andreas i sent him to my drycleaning and the occasional pizza .... again unfounded rumour..

<font color="#6699cc">(drakh): What about your character would you most like see expanded upon should there be a series? </font>

i'd like to see her smoking a fat cigar in several scenes. she could really use the sedation. ha. i kill me. actually, i would like to see her hold confessions and maybe crack a smile.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Sedation or seduction wonders the next fan:

(B5femail4u): Any chance JMS is planning romance for your character? If so did he find you a hunk?</font>

doubt it and doubt it again. unless the fellow had a small cessna he could land on my forehead. have you seen the size of my noggin in this movie!?

<font color="#6699cc">(GLynch): what was it like to work with such seminal sex symbols as Gus, Alex, Dean, and Warren ? Were all the groupies a distraction? Was Dylan all jealous?

(Moderator) Seminal sex symbols?

* Moderator snorts</font>

dylan was always jealous. he's so unattractive. sorry i just swallowed my own esopho-GUS. ha i really do kill me. working with the boys was great. one of the most fun things we did (bad grammar) was dance around alex's new car to the tunes on his stereo in makeup.

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): Which is more "primary" to your acting in "Rangers", voice, body language, or what? </font>

in rangers its a combo between voice and body. she's such a centred staid gal. it was nice to calmly float around except after lunchhour. then not so nice.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): How hard was it to play Firell since Minbari are usually quite reserved and well ... you are not?
Which do you enjoy more, stand up comedy or acting?</font>

What the FFFF--- do you mean i'm not RESERVED? it was not hard to play her at all. it was nice not to have to listen to the sound of my own voice. i like it all, mixed up in a big bag.

<font color="#6699cc">(B5femail4u): Is you fan base so large that you can not go out unnoticed yet. Life may change Jan. 19. No body guards, limos and guard dogs yet?</font>

i cannot walk down the streets of moose jaw without people jumping me. seriously. actually, no one knows who i am i'm a nobody waaaaaaaa... next

<font color="#6699cc">(cyberminbari): Were there any good pranks on the set? </font>

dean smacked my bottom one saturday afternoon. we have it in pictures. other than that, when myriam was up in the harness shooting fight sequences, we stood around her and beat her with soft pasta. like a pinetta. then joe sent her a fruit basket!!! he's so nice.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Did she explode and spew candy?

(Moderator) Now on to prying questions about your personal life!

(hypatia): If you didn't have to work for awhile and could take off to any country on any vacation you'd like, where would you go (and why, of course)?</font>

i really wanted to go to an all inclusive in mexico next month but it didn't work out. get this, i have NEVER been on a vacation in my entire life. i fly to winnipeg a lot. i would love to just go lie on a beach somewhere and turn into a lobster.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Were you a scifi or a babylon 5 fan before your involvement in Rangers?</font>

not at all. my dad and step mom were though. when they found out i got this role, they totally freaked. "you GO MINBARI!!!!" i have since been totally overwhelmed by the amazing fan base we have and i can't get enough of you guys.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Okay! I need to ask you about Spike -- I mean James Marsters.

(Moderator) Is he as incredible as he looks?</font>

who's that? james marsden?

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Yes, du-uh.</font>


<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Sorry, excitment makes me mispell.</font>

excitement makes me pee

when i first met him about 3 min later i was making out with him in front of a crew of 30 people. how do ya like them apples?

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) More psychoanalyisis:

(Lyta-B5LR): What is your fondest childhood memory? </font>

christmas time with my family. my mom was the greatest holiday maker of all. the lady loved that world of make believe and would go to all ends to create awesome wonderment for her kids.

<font color="#6699cc">(cyberminbari): Did Mom and Dad explain the Minbari mating rituals to you?

does that involve "oomp-loompas"?

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): Your sense of humor is obviously a major part of your wonderful personality. Did it every get you into trouble? )


<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Details?</font>

on the james marsden project i got yelled at my the director for trying to sell mary kay to the teamsters. jokes. But teamsters look so good in pink lip gloss! i did get yelled at by the vice principal in high skool for talking during announcements.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Did you fall into your esophogus again, Enid-Raye? Are you ready for the next question?</font>

and as a result i refuse to spell skool correctly or type quickly. okay i'm up again. sweet on the esophogus line doll face.

<font color="#6699cc">(cyberminbari): What is your greatest phobia? </font>

should i tell you or will it come back to haunt me? It's a great line -- what can I say? just keep saying it.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Your phobias will never leave this chat channel -- we promise. Spill!</font>

i said KEEP saying it. okay fine, i am terrified of tarantulas.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR) What will you be doing when the movie airs? Watching with any cast members?</font>

i will actually be in winnipeg with my mom's relatives having a late christmas. i will also be doing some press on the A-Channel's breakfast show fri jan 18. sadly i will not see it with the cast, although i know they are going to watch it together, the vancouver folks .....

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia2): My question: who was the most fun on the set? </font>

me. ha ha i really do kill me. actually it was a draw between dean and his bad a-- self!

<font color="#6699cc">(Soundy): What kind of music are you into, and do you get out to live shows or concerts often? Ever been in a mosh pit?</font>

never been in a pit. although i did attend both corey hart concerts in junior high. also, when i was knee high to a grasshopper, my mom surprised my little brother and me by taking us to see stevie wonder! how cool is that!?

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) That is cool!</font>

right now, i'm into all kind of music: ella, molly johnson, def lepard who does not love babz?

<font color="#6699cc">(Dark-Lord-pt2): IF you could take only three items to live on a desert island, what would they be?</font>

brie, a rubics cube and eric estradda. need i say more...

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia2): any favorite movies right now? </font>

love its a wonderful life. also, royal tannenbaums is killer But wouldn't Erik Estrada have been great in the Jimmy Stewart role? bite me... sac relige! although mickey rourke's performance in the pledge was amazing. Ummm -- Erik Estrada as Eli Cash! he was in the movie for 3 min and was just absolutely heartbreaking ....

<font color="#6699cc">(jrgreenmd): Any chance the Rangers actors will release a CD as the B5 gang did? I hear Andreas channels Elvis.</font>

i would be happy to gargle christmas carols WITHOUT water .... for any future b5 cd.

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia2): In this uncertain world, what do you find keeps you feeling "centered" these days?</font>

great question. love of family, friends and this amazing gift we are given to just live. "its a wonderful life" is aptly named because that's exactly what life is.... also, other center factor is Hockey Night In Canada. anyone gonna catch the ranger-flyer game this saturday...tsn. eric lindros' first visit back there... should be a doosey!

<font color="#6699cc">(FrankG): When's the next performance of "Would you like Fries with That?" </font>

no more performances of fries. i retired it a while ago. but i do stand up in my living room on a regular basis for my plants. they really seem to enjoy it.

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) If the show goes to series, how would you like to see Firell's charactor evolve?

(Moderator) (And several people are wondering what FrankG was talking about...)\</font>

i hope she evolves into a contributer of interesting story lines. hmm.. sorry did frankg ask about fries?

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) He did!</font>

that show was a one woman show i did. it was about an out of work actor who had so much customer service experience that employment canada hired her as motivational speaker to give speeches to the disgruntled service industry workers in canada and the annoying customers who make them that way

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Could someone who was interested in Fries find more information about it on your web site, perchance?</font>

yup. you can check out the press section and read all about it. also, i will be adding some new pics to my site next week from the last film i did check it out.

<font color="#6699cc">(Dark-Lord-pt2) : Would you consider directing/writing episodes if rangers went to a series?</font>

i hadn't really thought about it. that'd be interesting huh? i know warren really wants to direct so it might be cool to have him behind the camera huh... he is such a true passionate soul that i think he would be great directing. but so long as we get to see his hot little self in front of the camera as well...next

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) For this next questioner, it's not a matter of "if" but of "when":

(Delenn-hotty): When Rangers goes to series what will you look forward to the most? a) A new guest star every week. b) Hanging around the set on a regular basis. or c) A steady paycheck.</font>

i will look forward to all of the above. i will bring trouble and jokes to all guest stars.... but not andreas cause he will be too busy getting my pizza. so i won't razz him. i will truly look forward to hanging with this extraordinary group of cast members and crew. i'm the luckiest girl alive to be on this show!!!

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Last official question for the evening -- although anyone who wants to should feel free to hang out in the auditorium & talk amongst themselves...

(Lyta-B5LR): Can you tell us about some of your upcoming projects so we can be on the lookout for them?

i took a small part in "slap shot II" which will be on video in march. i will also be in taken, which is a dreamworks series. not sure when that airs... i just wrapped a film called "a guy thing" with the lovely gus lynch. and other than that, i'm just an auditioning fool.

last comment, i cannot tell you how honoured i feel to have your interest and support. i hope you all like the movie!

<font color="#6699cc">(Moderator) Enid-Raye, this has been a gas (as in espho-gas...) Thank you SO MUCH for coming online with us here at SCIFI tonight. I have the VCR set for B5: Rangers already & I bet everyone else does to.

(Moderator) Taken, by the way, airs Fall 2002.</font>

my pleasure. hugs.... enid-raye
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by B5LR:
Over at SCIFI.com, Enid-Raye Adams (Firrelin B5LR)<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Uhm, typing to fast Antony?
It is Firell last I checked.

Monica Hübinette | Abyss : B5 <- New & Improved!
There is nothing to fear in the dreaming, only that which we bring with us. --Dukhat
The moderator needs to learn the distinction between James Marsden and James Marsters, mind you.

My candle burns at both its ends,
It will not last the night.
But oh my foes, and oh my friends,
It makes a lovely light.

I was talking about the typo you had in the introduction to the chat transcript. I also noticed that you put Enid-Raye's responses in blue sometimes. *tickles Antony*

Monica Hübinette | Abyss : B5 <- New & Improved!
There is nothing to fear in the dreaming, only that which we bring with us. --Dukhat
If anyone is not aware, Taken is a new series by Stephen Spielberg (excuse spelling) about stories of people who have been abducted by aliens. At least one unit is filming in a small studio just a block from my apartment block. However, I have never seen any aliens.

I always seem to be diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
I went to look up Taken after I'd interviewed Enie, and JULIE BENZ IS THE LEAD ACTRESS!!! WOO HOO! I'm Julie's official stalker, so I have to see this series at any cost!

My candle burns at both its ends,
It will not last the night.
But oh my foes, and oh my friends,
It makes a lovely light.