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News post: Dean Marshall SCIFI.com chat transcript


<font size="+1">Dean Marshall SCIFI.com chat transcript</font>
<font size="3">Read up on what Dean had to say at last night's live chat</font>

Over at SCIFI.com, Dean Marshall (Malcolm Bridges in B5LR) took part in an online chat last night, Thursday December 6 2001. Below is a transcript of the moderated portion of the chat, which has been edited for ease of reading.

Many thanks to Lyta who sent in this transcript.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Hi everybody. Welcome to SCIFI and another in our ongoing series of chats discussing Babylon 5: Legend of the Rangers, a new film showing on SCIFI Channel on January 19th.

Tonight we¹re please to welcome actor Dean Marshall. Dean plays Malcolm Bridges, the infiltration and covert operations specialist aboard the Liandra. He is armed with a holo suit, a unique weapon which enables him to look exactly like anyone he wishes to impersonate.

A longtime sci-fi fan, Dean Marshall has appeared in episodes of First Wave, The Outer Limits, Tek War and Poltergeist: The Legacy.

Welcome Dean! Tell us about Malcolm?</font>

Malcolm Bridges is as you say the infiltrations and covert operations man... and a bag of laugh, you wont be able to sit down watching him. He's a dedicated Ranger. He's proud of his job and his struggle to get here. He feels he was made for this job.

<font color="#6699cc">(drakh): Is it weird having to share your character with other actors?</font>

Not at all, I get to watch them work then try a sllight imitation in my head then go for it when it's my turn.

<font color="#6699cc">(Channe): All right, Dean, we're all dying to know. What's the first thing you'll do if Rangers goes to series? </font>

The truth might offend...sly smile

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Would you like to see the show picked up as a series?</font>

Is the Pope Catholic? I'd be there 100%

<font color="#6699cc">(Yoshi): What was the defining moment in your career that made you start to realize you can do this if you put full force effort to it. </font>

When my parents came to see the very first production I ever did and liked it so much it made me cry... they didn't believe this would be lucrative...past experiences, but they loved me enough to let me try. They liked my performance and I was hooked

<font color="#6699cc">(JezuitX): If Rangers does go to series have they already signed up all the actors in LotR to be in the show or is it still up in the air?</font>

I don't know about anyone else but I have. JUST JOKING. Up in the air like a sweet summer breeze.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) What were you performing in when your parents first saw you act?</font>

The Rhymers of Eldritch. Can't remeber the writer... it was the moment I guess more than anything.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Many people seem to want to know how familiar you were with the original Babylon 5 when you took on LOTR? Is it hard to step into a role inside a cult favorite?</font>

I didn't find anything hard about it. Doing it was the fun part. Getting the role is usually the hardest part.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Hard hard was getting the part in this case? How many auditions?</font>

Two for me that seemed to span about three weeks in which I gave it up in my mind for safety reasons then was joyfully elated to find out. I think I screamed.

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): What is your favorite scene in "To Live and Die in Starlight"? Favorite scene that you are in yourself, I mean.

Oohhh, gotta be working with G'Kar, that man's got style and true gentlenmen's grace, Andreas Katsulas.

<font color="#6699cc">(Channe): If you got the chance to play any part you wanted in any production, anywhere - what would it be? </font>

Aaron the Moor from Titus Andronicus

<font color="#6699cc">(B5Ranger1): How did you like working with JMS and Copleand? </font>

They were absolutely amazing human beings to meet in THIS industry.

<font color="#6699cc">(Doctor-Gonzo): At various conventions B5 bloopers have been shown but are unavailable elsewhere for obvious reasons. How would you feel if your funny flubs were shown around? </font>

No prob, laugh, go ahead laugh.....

<font color="#6699cc">(iLOVEjms): ask him what he would do if he had a holosuit in real life </font>

Put on a Warren Takeuchi guise and try to score at all the bars... what else?

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Dean, you worked in some very successful series in Canada. Is there any difference in working in televsion on a show aimed at a largely Canadian audience and a show with a wider audience? Are the standards different? The writing?</font>

Not for me. Same standard. I either believe me or I suck.

<font color="#6699cc">(Channe): Speaking of conventions... are you ready for the rabid fans?

I'm ready for rabid anything. I got shots.

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): If your "Rangers" crew were here today, how would THEY deal with the whole terrorist scene these days?</font>

Carefully and from a distance. This would take many months of planning involving every single human on the planet. We'd need to talk to people for their insight into being human and surviving with other humans.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Dean several people have asked now if you're tempted to move to L.A. and try your luck? (They may be realtors...)</font>

They haven't seen Vancouver. I'm licked.

<font color="#6699cc">(Lyta-B5LR): If you could meet any person (living or dead) who would it be and why?</font>

No one comes to mind, if the universe is willing, I'll meet the right people.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Are there any limitations on the suit you wear in LOTR? Can you change into any kind of creature?</font>

JMS alone knows the answer to that question, speculation; maybe I'm an amoeba.

<font color="#6699cc">(Channe): Seventy years from now, when you're reminiscing on the deck of the Happy Hillside with buddies from the "good old days", what'll you remember most about Rangers?</font>

The cast and crew ....and tape of me flying through space for mom.

<font color="#6699cc">(drakh): Did you do any sort of research for the role? </font>

Yes. Went online to familiarize myself, b5tech and such, B5LR.com really helped me out.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Lots of people seem to want to know where you'd like to see your character go, the arc as it were...if LOTR does indeed become a series?</font>

What I like and what will happen I'm sure will be very different things...I couldn't even speculate, but I'm a willing victim.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) What kind of help did you get from JMS in getting into the character of Malcolm?</font>

Background possibilities and origin stuff. Nothing to detailed. Cloak and Dagger you see....

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Were you a science fiction fan before you became an actor? Was science fiction something you read or watched growing up?</font>

Oh yeah baby. I read Asimov and Tolkein and Scott, one of my favorite books is Enders Game, my best friend Danny who lives in Montreal got me hooked.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) And the Scott Card Enders books still await translation to the screen

(B5Ranger1): What about the role of Malcolm Bridges did you like the best and the worst? </font>

I Looove the bracelet, changeling thing. I hated leaving the ship.

<font color="#6699cc">(Delnhotty): Boxers or briefs?..... No seriously, what was the most embarassing to happen to you on a set? Was it a gag or a blooper?</font>

Blooper, line flub, watching Warren apologize profusely when he messed up, made me laugh, got the giggles...stuff like that..

Boxers and sometimes briefs

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) How long was the shooting schedule for LOTR? And how long ago did you guys actually finish working on the movie?</font>

Geez lawheezee...July? June? Is Anybody here who remembers?

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) As an actor is that kind of odd...go out and helping to promote a project that you actually finished months (or in some cases years ago?) </font>

Not for me. I love it. Bring it on. This project was one of the best things I've worked on.. I want more...

<font color="#6699cc">(hypatia): Could you tell us "rabid fans" a little bit about your life outside of "To live and die in starlight"? </font>

There's life? Outside? Somewhere? I golf, I snowboard, I work as a bar tender at a place called Aqua Riva, delicious everything, I read, I write, I stay outta fights, I flirt, I live, love learn learn learn...

<font color="#6699cc">(B5Ranger1): Aside from tonight ... do you spend much time online and do you chat with folks who are interested in LoTR? (Other than a formal chat like this...)</font>

Yes and YES

<font color="#6699cc">(Channe): I can tell you right now, Dean, that if you ever did a convention, you'd have the audience in stitches. What's the worst job you've ever held outside of acting? </font>

Cleaning evestroughs, digging dead animals outta gutters. Paid good. The worst job.

<font color="#6699cc">(Doctor-Gonzo): During B5 even the main characters were not above bitting the dust. Assuming it goes to series are you or any of the other actors concerned about an early demise, noble or otherwise?</font>

We go to series and he kills me off, I'm cool with that. So long and Thanks for all the fish!

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Have you ever played a really good over the top death scene?</font>

Yes, Mercutio in Romeo an Juliet at the Ford Centre in Toronto. Dying was sweet.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Ah...so you're a SERIOUS actor

I seriously love acting.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Dean, several people have asked if anticipate any life changes if LOTR is a hit? Can you see yourself as a toy action figure for example?</font>

I would buy everything I could get my hands on. That would be a dream come true!! I collected as much as I could of StarWars and wish I knew where my Bobafet action figure went too.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) You can retire on what some of those figures are worth

(hypatia): Is there a part you have really eyed and hope to "grow into" someday? Such as, for women, "Auntie Mame" ? </font>

I would be honored to end my career doing a Lear for the hell of it. I saw a production of it in Montreal as an early actor and the man playing Lear died weeks after it closed. It still leaves me feeling something...

<font color="#6699cc">(Doctor-Gonzo): How much input do you usually get from a writter while doing tv, films, or plays? </font>

Depends. Sometimes a lot, sometimes none at all...mostly director notes, handed down.

<font color="#6699cc">(ChatMod) Dean, last question. You've been a wonderful; guest. We can't wait for January 19th when we'll actually see Malcolm at work! If LOTR becomes a series we hope you'll come back! Anyway.... What advice do you give to other people who might want to become actors?</font>

Get a life. jj. If you love it do it till it hurts.

Thanks everyone
I mostly want to say thanks to Lyta for getting the transcription to us so fast.
So, thanks Lyta.

Second comment is what a fun fellow Dean is. In fact all of the actors we have heard from seem to enjoy life and have a good sense of humor. Bring on the movie.

I always seem to be diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Jomar:
I mostly want to say thanks to Lyta for getting the transcription to us so fast.
So, thanks Lyta.

*bows deeply to Jomar*

Just doing my B5 duty!

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