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News post: Claudia Christian: cartoon hero


<font size="+1">Claudia Christian: cartoon hero</font>
<font size="3">B5 star on adding her voice to Disney's Atlantis</font>

Claudia Christian (Susan Ivanova) recently spoke to Dreamwatch magazine about her experience in providing her voice to a character in Disney's animated movie Atlantis.

Providing the voice for the character of Helga Sinclair, Claudia was videotaped for character reference when working. "Well she has my widow's peak and my eyebrows," she told interviewer Rod Edgar. "I wish I had her body. It was interesting because you can definitely see some of your mannerisms as you're recording and creating the character, especially in the beginning of the film when I was more film-noirish, the Katheleen Turner character, before she started turning into a commandeering wench. I could definitely see some of the things that I incorporated into her. It's an interesting, fascinating procedure."

It wasn't until long after she'd provided her voice that Claudia actually started to see what he character would look like. "I had only seen one charcoal drawing after about two years of doing it, and it was somewhat animated. It was a tiny little thing of her puffing on a cigarette, which they ended up cutting out of the movie, of course. And that was the only thing I ever saw. And then about three years into it I saw an actual animated clip and I was just blown away. I couldn't believe it."

Claudia is positive about the film and recommends that people should watch it. "I think it's a great time. It's character driven, there's a lot of action, the performances are great. They should expect to have a good time—kids and adults. It really transcends ages."

The full interview can be read in issue 87 of Dreamwatch magazine.
That's the way that some animations have been done recently I think. I remember seeing a split screen of Cameron Diaz recording Shrek and her animated character was waving her hands about just like Cameron was in the sound studio.

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