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News post: Bill Mumy singing in Santa Monica


<font size="+1">Bill Mumy singing in Santa Monica</font>
<font size="3">See him on Saturday January 12 2002</font>

Just a quick news item to say that Bill Mumy (Lennier) will be singing live at Rusty's Surf Ranch on Santa Monica Pier, at 9pm on Saturday January 12 2002.

Reservations are recommended on 310-393-7437.

Click here to visit Bill Mumy's official website.
At first, I thought you might have mistyped “signing” as in a book signing. Then I remembered, Bill Mumy is also a musician, isn’t he? I almost couldn’t believe that the “little boy from Lost in Space” sang “Fish heads” years ago! Other than this song, though, I know nothing of Bill Mumy’s band and music.

He is a multi-talented fellow, isn’t he?

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I have never heard Bill sing but I believe he has quite a good group which has been around for several years. I know there are tapes and CDs available if anyone is interested. You can probably get the info at his website.

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