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News post: Amazon.com editor chooses top B5 books


<font size="+1">Amazon.com editor chooses top B5 books</font>
<font size="3">Plus a look at some gift ideas, and other products</font>

It's that season where people are going mad in preperation for Christmas. I personally don't have much love for it, but I know most of you out there do! So this news item is a look at some of the B5 products available right now, which may make good gifts or just presents for yourself. I hope it helps ease your shopping worries, and of course (he says without any bias) B5LR.com receives a small percentage from all purchases through these links. So buy, buy, buy! But, turning serious, purchasing B5 products (especially the DVD) carries a bigger message. It says that B5 fandom is alive and kicking, and can only help get us more products and more B5. I do practice what I preach, my DVD is on the way.

Amazon.com recommended: Therese Littleton, the science fiction and fantasy editor at Amazon.com, has created a list of the top 13 Babylon 5 books. Her choices include Dark Genesis: The Birth of the Psi Corps and a number of guides to the show. You can view her list, by clicking here.

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<tr><td align="center"><font size="-1" face="arial, helvetica">"Sleeping in Light"</font></td></tr>
</table>DVD: You could hardly have missed the much anticipated release of the first B5 DVD (region 1), containing the pilot telemovie and the critically acclaimed "In the Beginning". Warner Bros. are using this DVD as a test to see how much the buying public wants B5, and their decision to release any seasons of the show on DVD hinges on this one DVD. Make your vote count, by buying it for just $14.98.

Videos: not everyone has a DVD player yet, but Babylon 5 is still on good old VHS. Babylon 5 - The Collection may be to your linking, with three tapes covering the pilot telemovie and four further episodes. There's also the tear-jerking climax to the show, in the form of "Objects at Rest" and "Sleeping in Light", which you can find on one VHS tape. There's more VHS videos available, click here for the full list.

Books: Aside from the B5 DVD, the three books from Jeanne Cavelos's epic Techno-Mages trilogy are the most popular products bought by B5LR.com visitors. Get started on the trilogy, or perhaps buy all three books and read them over Christmas. The novels are: Casting Shadows, Summoning Light and Invoking Darkness. You can view the full range of books by clicking here.

Calendar: Your wall would be bare without the B5 calendar next year, wouldn't it? Check out the stunning calendar available from Calendar Mart, by clicking here.

Remember that Amazon.com has much more. Check out their full range by clicking here.

If you have any suggestions on "must buy" products, want to reviews something or have any comments then contact us.

Happy shopping!

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