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new tales


Ok folks I admit this is a lazy way of going about it, but I'v enot logged on for a while and i couldn't see what I was looking for when i had quick look earlier.
So.....When are the next installments of the lost tales due?
it's been a while now.
What were the sales figures on the first Lost Tales DVD set? Did it make a significant impact, or was it just about break even? I never heard definitively, so maybe that has something to do with it.
It pretty much had to have made bunches of money because at the Seattle con in May, JMS said that the budget was only 2 million dollars.

As for the original question, from what he said, WB approached him again about a feature film but slouched away again when JMS told him that he required total creative control. I gather that the Direct to DVD division is still interested also but JMS didn't mention any firm talks.

Damn! :( Still hasn't convinced the money men that he's quite capable on his own, eh?

The days of Chaplin and Welles are over, I admit, but it sure would be nice to see him given a "go" at complete creative control on a big-screen project. It's just unheard of these days, isn't it? Or is it just very, very rare?
Well, as JMS's star keeps rising (see the Cannes thread) it grows more likely that he'll come into his own. Of course, the actors are getting older too, so it's a fine balance.
Vacantlook Kosh fan there is fan website called scif minds and they they did a couple of really interesting Trek B5 crossovers one invlose the Enterprise C and D ending up at B5 just in time to stop president Clark's forces from taking the station and also there is a really neat little ship to ship confrontation in which Picard and Delenne sort square off.

The other story of interest i The Thin Veneer, in which the federation of Kirks era gets involved in the earth Mimbari War, both are near complete and actually fun to read.
still nothing I gather? I had thought when they announced this project that all of the tales would be made one after the other. Ok maybe a slight haitus inbetween each one. Damned money men. tell you what we are so lucky to even have B5 in the frist place, that was hard work to get made but these new projects, jeez, it's like pulling teeth. cancelling Crusade, The "Sci-Fi" channel opting not to commision a Rangers series, The debacle that was TMOS and now this. baaah.
Well, the writers' strike didn't help for one thing. We do know that JMS and WB were discussing more Lost Tales before the strike started, but WB didn't pull their fingers out and get it sorted beforehand because they didn't believe the strike would happen.

JMS himself is also now extremely busy building a career in the movies, which is a big change from where he was before the strike.

He isn't desperate to tell more B5 stories, we are just desperate for him to do so. Time will tell whether there is still life in the Lost Tales, or whether JMS/WB have something else up their sleeves at some point in time.

And as far as the TMoS "debacle" is concerned, everything I have read about Hollywood leads me to the conclusion that what happened there is pretty much the norm, and an independent project like that actually getting off the ground, filmed and into the theatres is very much the exception.