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New Ship spotted



Ok this is what I have gathered after countless slow motion examinations from the Dune commercial with excerpts from BR:LotR in it:

1. The rangers have new costumes similar to the vests from Crusade.

2. The ship is very old and desolate in the inside.

3. The ship has a crew of people. Cuz there was a scene of the main character running around while other people stood in teh background pressing panels.

4. The ship (not sure if its THE ship) resembles a wasp, with jet like wings and an abdomin like thing plus two long things sticking out from teh bottom. Its very fast and looks like it could be Drazi made (no its not a Drazi SunHawk).

Whelp thats all I can see from that 10 second or so shot.

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when the frell did u see that commercial? i was watching the new Dragonheart movie last nite and never saw that in the commercials they played...dangit though that sounds cool (except the new Ranger uniforms...Blech)

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Seen it during B5. I tape B5 everyday cuz im not home. It came on once eer half hour.

All your base are belong to us.
Thanks for posting that, Ranger17.

That was a lot of information you managed to get out of a few seconds' clip! Sounds interesting, in any case.

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You said that the ship has people. As far as I knew, three years was far too little time to get an automated ship.

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