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New seson of South Park


Hey, South Park!

The first episode of the season was OK- it felt more like they did an ep about Katrine because they "had " to, but it had its moments.

The next one I loved- the boys make Butters pretend to be a girl in order to steal the girls' future-predicting device (that folded paper thingy that you move with your fingers). It had my two favorite elements of recent SP: the kids just being kids (with a twist) and Butters, which always inspires the writers to go really really dark (as in my favorite episode from last season where they bought ninja weapons).

Last night's episode was alright. It had a shockingly "liberal" bent which was interesting. My favorite moments were the governor trying to weasel out of having to make a tough decision ("butt buddies") and Garrisson's failed attempt to incite an anti-gay riot, which illustrated something you don't see in the "gay marriage debate"- that opposing equal rights is really a form a hatred despite eloquent rhetoric to the contrary.