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New pictures coming soon!


Scifi.com's homepage says that new images from B5:LOTR:TLaDiSL (some acronym, huh?) will be appearing on the main site shortly. Which is a good thing. Considering that the official LOTR homepage resembles a third-rate fansite. B5LR.com looks ten times better and DEFINITLEY has more info in it.

It's funny though, in a preview for some of the pictures they'll be presenting you see Dulann and Tirk the Dazi standing side-by-side, and looks almost as if Dulann is wearing a modern-day BATHROBE over his uniform. This could be an Anla-Shok thing, but I swear that's what it looked like to me.

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Excellent will have to look at them when they are out. I agree the site does look a bit plain...

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Yes I agree that that page needs some major work, and that these pictures could go a long way towards making it a better place.

About the bathrobe thing: Maybe Dulann just got out of the shower when they took the picture!

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