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New Freddy Vs Jason Flick ???

The first one did exceedingly well for what it is, so a second one would seem highly likely. :)

I've not seen it myself, I'm just thinking business-wise.
The success of Freddie vs Jason was instrumental in Fox finally greenlighting Alien vs Predator after both movies had languished in development hell for a decade or more.

The FvJvA rumor has been around since the release of FvJ. Bruce Campbell says he has not been contacted, but they he could kick both their asses.
Yes, the success of the first FvJ flick indeed made them want to do another one. I actually enjoyed the film more than I thought I would. It might even be DVD worthy...someday.

As for Bruce Campbell portraying Ash; well I think that is very unlikely. Everything I have read or heard him say is that he would not play that character again. Of course he could change his mind if offered the right deal I suppose. But yeah, he would definately kick both their asses.
I think I'd enjoy another FvJ movie, especially if Ash is involved. It's be a bit weird, but I think it would work. And if not Ash, it'd be nice to see... let's say Pinhead, in it. Or better yet, tie it in with the Phantasm series. Freddy vs. Jason vs. The Tall Man. Instant CLASSIC. Well, maybe not classic, exactly, but.... you know. I think I'D enjoy it at least.

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