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New Forum???


Why not make a new forum called SciFi Recaps ?

Members could recap a recent episode of any of the current SciFi programs.

The site http://televisionwithoutpity.com/ has developed talented people who recap many of the top TV programs. This is the site that was featured in a recent newspaper article about how message boards are becoming a force in the industry. I often go to this site to check a missed program or to see if their evaluation matches mine.

And, thanks Antony for a great message board.

I hate that site already. I just went there and had 24 spoiled for me. Fuckers. Not your fault StarStuff, but they deserve major pain!

I'm open to ideas on forums... I've pondering them lately... and things need to be done. But what.

What does everyone else think?
As I head of to my "Thanksgiving" day, I find myself thinking that you already made some good suggestions awhile ago, Ant.

The shows that are effectively dead probably don't need forums any longer. B5 lasted 5 seasons. But Crusade and Rangers being separate? Why?

I can't remember what you said, but combining this with that (where the heck the telemovies go I don't know, but B5 until you get to "Call To Arms" right? Then a decision has to be made.)

Anyhow, I have never had to handle a messageboard, but I can say that some "merging" might be in order between Crusade and Rangers.

Just my 2 cents. /forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif
That is my thought. All 3 into one... or possibly, B5/Crusade, and the temovies as another.

My worry about doing this is that it will make 1 B5 forum, and many non-B5. I need to think of ways to beef up the B5 (in general) on the board, what forums we can create etc.

And incidentally, StarStuff, on further thought I don't believe your suggestion would work, sorry. The fact that I was spoiled then proves a certain point. It'll be very US-centric... in fact, it will be pretty much US only. And I don't want a US-only club to breed, as you can understand.
The problem with such a forum is that it would be(come) a very US-centric forum, I would fear. I mean, the rest of the world generally gets everything 6 months to a year (or more) later, so that would kind of leave half the people here out of the discussions.

It might make a great addition to the Other TV Shows forum though, if the threads are clearly marked. And if there are people willing to do such recaps on a regular basis. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

Edit note: due to having dinner and trying to post at the same time, I see that it took me so long to post that I've made a few of the same points as Antony... bah, now it looks like I just repeated what he said! /forums/images/graemlins/rolleyes.gif
It looks like we are in agreement Kribu, that's good. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

If you'd disagreed with me, I'd have to kill you.
What about a Babylon Fan Fiction Forum? I know that there are a few folks around these parts that are the creative types. It could be one forum for all of the B5 characters.
I think that's covered by the General B5... in theory at least, and that's where fanfic has been posted so far.
But we could give it its own forum, that wouldn't be a problem. It's just, would it be popular enough?
I can see why putting them all into one would be bad idea, like you said
What about just sending Rangers into the B5 forum. It was just a movie, like 3rd space and River or souls. It sadly never amounted to anything. And any rangers fanfic would go General. (it would be nice to keep the crusade forum, since it had a small series)
I was thinking more about this last night.

What about one forum for the shows (everything in it, or discussion for anything in it).

One for the actors and actresses, and their stuff outside of B5.

And the general, for B5 but not wihtin B5... i.e. merchandise, show times, producers etc?
That might work, I guess. And would be quite clear, too.

General would then also cover fanfic, right? Would be a good idea to keep that separate from the actual show discussion, I'd suppose.
Antony, I like your idea. I think it is quite workable, and appropriate for the B5TV denizens.

I suppose that if a new B5 series would show up, it may need it's own forum; I would assume that the traffic could be vivid.
I like that, however, I also still think that Crusade shoudl have its own forum, and that the Fanfics shoudl have their own. It doesnt' matter if it's not as high-traffic, it's a good way to keep them all organized so they dont' get lost in the discussions in general. Besides, it would be a place to post contest entries, etc.

If you're considering a seperate forum for the movies, then why not one ror the books?
Sorry Antony for causing you major eye problems! Trust there is no permanent damage. Yes, I can see your point on keeping the site sensitive to our international membership.
Well, this site is international. It has no country... you say it like it's America + international. /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif

Although admittedly the US, of course, makes up the major portion of traffic. But hey, I'm a Brit, it says it all.

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