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New Fantastic 4 animated series this Saturday

The U.S. Cartoon Network will debut a new animated version of The Fantastic Four as part of its prime time "Toonami" block this Saturday September 2nd. (The show is listed at 8 PM ET, but check local listings as your cable or satellite provider may take a different feed.)

I had no clue this was coming until I saw a post on the Home Theater Forum yesterday. Here's an an interview with Eric Rollman of Marvel Animation.

Looks interesting. I have the DVR set and will post my reactions when I've had a chance to sit down and look at it.


I bet we will never see it in the UK. There are straight to DVD releases of Ultimate Avengers, based on my fave comic The Ultimates by the same animation team. They look great... I guess I need to splash out on a region 1 / NTSC setup...
Currently i'm using an Xbox as a DVD player no R1 at all... and I don't think my TV does NTSC... I am sadly lacking in home tech...
I'll give it another look next week, but so far, not impressed. It has everything I don't like about anime, which I think is a wildly over-rated "art form" to begin with. When did Sue turn into an alternately whiny and angry twit? (Fainting? PUH-lease!) Johnny was equally annoying. But they do get points for being consistent. Johnny behaved like a big enough jerk to make believe that he'd actually have that haircut. (Speaking of cut, Johnny and Sue both look they could stab you to death with their chins. Family trait?) And does Ben have to be so ridiculously large and out-of-proportion? And his head so tiny?

Like I said, I'll see what next week looks like and if they've done a better job of finding the character's fingerprints. So far it looks like just your generic anime piece with stock characters from a dozen Japanese series that have come before with the names and powers of the real FF grafted onto them.



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