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New fans, new finding... I love Kosh.


Wow, I almost typed "I love Josh" instead of the title of this post. Laugh it up at my expense.

Anyways, I'm converting two more friends (I've discovered couples convert easily since I'm well spoken for) to Bab universe. We just finished "Fall of Night" - it still tickles me in that funny area of my brain saying, "Can you do something this wonderful in fiction some day?" But I digress.

We just started to Matters of Honor, and I just watched the Kosh / Sheridan scene at the beginning.

I installed a 14 foot by 11 foot (please, someone in Europe do the math to metrics - I've had too many Guinness tonight) theater in my home. Upon inspection, has anyone ever noticed that Kosh, after his moments (trying to avoid spoilers) in "The Fall of Night" has warts on his "face" in Matters of Honor? If you look in the first scene with Sheridan, there is one up and to the right of his "eye" as well as one below. You can also see one from a side angle.

This attention to detail is what is causing me to watch this series again... for about a 10th or 11th time. I've lost track. I never noticed how much "being seen" took out of Kosh. BRILLIANT.

Here's another salute to JMS that I never notice until this many viewings.


How cool:cool: , I'm also in the same stage of converting 2 of my freinds (couldn't do that without the DVD's !).
We finished the second season in the evening of 26/10, exactly like you, if I understad correctly.
This isn't just a coincidence, it's a sign.
or maybe not :p
Sadly I don't have the third season on DVD. yet.
So you go on without me, I'll manage. :rolleyes:
No one where I live has good taste in television, so I've never been able to convert anyone to the b5 universe. :rolleyes: Yet. I'm still working on my brother. But I think he hasn't converted just to annoy me. :p
But I think he hasn't converted just to annoy me. :)

Yes, we're like that. ;) Of course, this is probably just payback for a million things you did just to annoy him growing up. :D

Actually he probably has converted and is secretly taping the show every day, or even has a hidden stash of DVDs, but won't tell you because he refuses to give you the satisfaction.


(Can you tell I have a sister?) :LOL:

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