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New episodes of Futurama!


Well, bite my shiny metal ***. :beer:

Futurama Has A Future

Comedy Central has resurrected the former Fox animated SF series Futurama, ordering 13 episodes to debut in 2008, Variety reported. The deal builds on the cable network's acquisition of the 72-episode library last fall.

Discussions about a revival of the half-hour show began in earnest earlier this year between Futurama producer 20th Century Fox Television and series creators Matt Groening and David X. Cohen. A sticking point, which has been resolved, had been bringing back the cast, who hadn't worked on new episodes for the show since it left the air in August 2003.

Voice actors Billy West, Katey Sagal and John DiMaggio are on board for the new episodes, which will continue the story of Fry (West), a pizza delivery boy who was accidentally frozen for 1,000 years and who wakes up in the future.

Futurama: 13 new eps on Comedy Central
"Well you can kiss my shiny metal ass!"


(There's a local radio newsguy in my area named Aaron Bender. Everytime he signs off I keep waiting for him to say that. :D)



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