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New Doctor Who girl (Spoilers)

I had heard the rumour .. in the last episode, was fairly relieved to see Freema Aygeman's character die, as she just .. didn't seem very good, and I assumed that cut out the possibility. Alas...

Oh well, can hope she will be better with a different role :D .. Lalla Ward was quite terrible in her role before Romana (she played a guest character in the story before her introduction as Romana), but not really terrible as Romana ...
HEHE, yea, Lalla Ward was terrible as the Princess, but, I thought she was fantastic as Romana V2.0 (Not the best actress or anything, but, I did love the character as a foil to Tom Baker's Dr)
I'm hoping for the same thing, yeah... I found Freema Agyeman awfully wooden really in Army of Ghosts, but I'm hoping this was just very good acting and it was the character that was supposed to appear wooden and all that. :D

It's a pity to see Billie Piper go really... I quite grew to like Rose (more in season 1 than in season 2, granted, but she's had plenty of great moments there too, especially without the Doctor around). But of course, it was always obvious she would leave at some point.

I'm hoping the new companion will be an interesting character in her own right, and that we'll finally get rid of the ridiculous smoochiness and "greatest love story ever" ;) (yes, I'm aware that a lot of people like that development so this is my opinion only), unless it just gets transferred to the new pretty girl. :D I do have enough trust in the production team though to hope that won't happen.