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New B5 RPG annouced!


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I'm very much looking forward to this d20 version!

Sweet! Personally, I love WotC's d20 system, and I'm glad they're going to be using it.

I'm glad they're not using the standard psionic rules for telepaths, though. That's one area where I feel that the new system lacks. They've made it too much like their magic system and psionics don't really feel like anything special now. I understand the reasons for that, but I don't much like the end result.
I very much agree - the psionics in the 3rd Ed. moved to far from making psionics 'different' and mysterious. I'm curious to see what they've done with the system for the P-ratings. I might adapt it into my DnD champain.
Damn. I quit gaming about a month back. But I may well run this for my group back home or after uni. Nice.

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