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New B5 office in England


The One Who Was presented us with this news in "The No Speculation Thread".

And now, direct from the horse's mouth:

"Oh, and for the first time in five years, there is an office somewhere in
England with the words Babylon 5 on the door...."


This is the gratest news in a while.
I thought it deserves a thread on its own.
So this time we can speculate about the possibilities.

Thanks The One Who Was for the news.

A couple of things lead me to believe that JMS must be in the UK for the eventual filming of TMOS. All IMHO of course.

1. He has asked in the news groups about the travelling arrangements from London - Herefordshire. Apart from large studios, Leavesden for example, what else could he want in Herefordshire? I'm sure there aren't any world class FX companies there (although I'd expect there to be some facilities attached to the studios). As has been mentioned before, WB has been filming virtually continuously in this area (Harry Potter, Batman Returns, Charlie in the Chocolate factory). For at least 2 of these filming must have already finished, or be coming to an end, so if WB has some on going arrangement to use the studio space they'll be looking for something else to start filming. Can we guess what that might be folks......

2. Isn't JMS going to a CON in Germany in May? Somehow I'm not sure he would fly in from the US to Germany just for one CON, which leads me to believe he's planning to be in the UK for at least 7 months. I'm sure overseeing the FX work won't take 7 months.

Actually another thought just struck me, Christopher Franke is german is he not? Perhaps JMS might be in Germany at the time overseeing another part of the production? Although this sounds far too early to be recording the sound track.

Final unrelated thought. I believe JMS originally wanted to retire at 50. I wonder if TMOS is JMS' last B5 project? (go out on a bang as it were)

And it's a good thing there is another thread on this same subject.

Yes you're right.
I'm sorry.
I really didnt' see it.
This shows the level of the excitement I was at that time.
We should concentrate our answers on that other thread.


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