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I've recently upgrade and I'm looking for comments on whether the avatar is working out okay, it might be a little too dark

Back when I was a kid in Sunday School, Father Minkowski once said: "Given the crucifixion was a terrible thing for anyone to endure, if you could go back in time 2200 years, would you prevent the crucifixion of Christ?" Well after a heated debate, we all agreed the answer was no. The crucifixion was necessary to redeem the world. - Lt. John Matheson "The Needs of Earth"

"We live for the One. We die for the One!"
Ahhhh yes,

The 'Human' encounter suit 1,000,000 years down the road. Nice choice

'I don't believe in the no-win scenario' - JTK
Sorry, not B5 enough.
Moving to off-topic.

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