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new appreciation


The funny thing is when I saw crusade , B5 series 1 had only been aired in my little neck of the woods. I picked up that it was part of the series because of the similarities between the two. At that stage , I'm ashamed to admit (hangs head) I wasn't the B5 fan that I am now. Understanding and enlightenment was slow to dawn but it eventually did.
Anyway to get back to my point, a friend found 5 of the crusade tapes at an obscure little video shop. Now this is the first time that I have seen these tapes in my country, suffice to say I took the and watched them. Episodes 1 through 10. Only now, several years down the line can I appreciate them fully. It struck home yesterday when I was sitting and watching this amazing series that this is the be all and end all of Crusade. Through the short sighted and narrow minded SOB's the sci-fi community is denied an amazing treasure. I can't say that I enjoyed it more than B5 but then again it wasn't given a chance to grow. I'm wondering if we don't have an ancestor of Clarkes running things from behind the scenes.
I didn't like Crusade much when I first saw it (in TNT's airing order, of course). I've been re-watching it recently, though, and my feelings are slightly different this time. I really love this show /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif. The characters are really growing on me, and I want to see more. The info I've read about the unaired scripts just make me angrier that it was cancelled.

I'm still holding out hope that it might be revived eventually. I really want to see End of the Line (not to mention the rest of the series!) on-screen someday!

Damn TNT anyway. They couldn't see what a winner they had on their hands.
That's why i think it was really important to let jms have his way. he would have had STARTING episodes that make you think 'yeah, might watch that next week'.......and then you would grow to it......it really need some good first eps to keep interest so people had time to grow and get used to it - DAMN TNT again
It's like having an addiction to smoking and all of a sudden there are no cigarettes anywhere in the world.
Um, not the best comparison but I'm sure you get the gist of it.
(wanders off mumbling somthing about death to sob's who torment us all)

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