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"New" aliens unrealistic? JMS's answer:


\"New\" aliens unrealistic? JMS\'s answer:

I thought you folks might be interested in this. Someone on the moderated group was asking about this new race that will appear in the "Rangers" tv-movie.

The comment was basically that all of the first ones had left, so how could this new race be around? Also, a comment was made that JMS can't keep making his aliens more and more powerful.

Anyway, here are bits of that post and also JMS's response:

>> So how can we meet ANOTHER more superior race of aliens? Are they more
>> First Ones? Are they the Firstest Ones? Did they come from another galaxy?
>> Did Lorien forget to mention them?

I would point out that the universe is billions of years old. If someone
thinks that we've met even a fraction of what's out there, someone is being
extraordinarily foolish.

As to why Lorien might not mention them -- or the several million other species
out there -- there's a logical reason which is implicit in what's presented in
the 2-hour MOW.
>> I love JMS's work, but if we keep escalating the ranks of aliens we'll
>> eventually reach aliens of God-hood...
>> Oh wait, we already did that...

Every time we do something new, somebody says it's the end of the
world...usually in a sarcastic way...until they see it, then they go "Oh, now I
see what you were up to." This is more of the same. This happens every single
time. I'm used to it by now.


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Re: \"New\" aliens unrealistic? JMS\'s answer:

Thanks hypatia for sharing this with us.

One thought that I had about this subject that I wanted to share is that if the universe is supposed to be 8 billion years old, it's very possible that there are aliens even older than the First Ones. It could be that the younger races just thought that the First Ones were the oldest in our galaxy, but there could have been races living in other galaxies much longer than ones in our own that not even Lorien and the First Ones knew about. I think they might be one of the races living "beyond the rim". It could be that the Milky Way galaxy's residents weren't advanced enough to go beyong our galaxy or know what's out there in other galaxies, so to us the First Ones are the oldest.

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Re: \"New\" aliens unrealistic? JMS\'s answer:

woop hypatia must have accidentally double posted so I am closing this thread as the other one with same name has more replies already.

so closing this thread now.


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