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I normally use Netscape 6 on the Mac, but this no longer seems to work properly, to the extent that you can't actually post because the pages don't load properly. I had to post this using IE (yeuk!!!). Do you think you could fix it please?
I'm afraid I'll need more than "no longer seems to work properly". Like what? I'll see if it's something specific. The board should work fine with anything that is up to date with standards... I thought Netscape 6 was, but I don't know.
There are loads of things, but for example:

You often have to refreesh a page a number of time before the message frame loads.
You can't post messages because all the information below the message box is missing, including the emoticons and the "continue" button.
It sounds like there's something wrong with your copy of Netscape. Maybe try a more update to date version? It has been superceded by 7.
I fail to see what you dislike about IE, it has been my experience, and that of most of the people on the internet that it is FAR superior to Netscape in every way.
Considering he is a MAC user ... I have heard that IE for MAC is notoriously crappy.

That said ... why not try Mozilla?
Yeah, they're both based upon Gecko... and the next version of the site looks pretty much identical in all of them, which is nice. And the site is much more complaints standard, as is the next version of the board.

But at the end of the day, we design for IE (as the footer says). Other browsers are used at the risk of the user.

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