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Netflix Question


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I ask this to anyone who's used Netflix before. If you use it and get a TV seasonal set, does Netflix send all the discs in that set (usually 6 it seems for most sets) at one time, or does each individual disc in that set come independently one at a time?
Yeah. Each disc counts as one disc on your queue, and you can order them as such. So what I do is I have my queue full of movies and then I put a series on it and it goes at the bottom, and then I'll put the first disc or two on the top and everytime I finish one and send it back I put the next one on top, allowing me to mix TV and movies. It's pretty sweet.

Just finished doing that with Carnivale season 1.
I usually include one TV disc with two movies to give some variety and options when I want to see something short but there's nothing on tv. I already saw the prisoner and the first season of Penn and Teller this way and am working on the brittish version of the office as well as P&T season two.

Speaking of which I've found the Brittish version of the Office to be hilarious. I was just wondering if the American knock off is worth the effort or is the difference too disheartening?

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