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Nemesis not in theatres


I was finally getting around to seeing the latest Star Trek film this weekend, only to find it's not playing in any theatres within fifty miles of the major urban centre I live in. What's up?

Is the DVD coming out next month?
I don;t know about the dvd but the flick did lousey at the box office and eventually was taken out entirely.Which is sad because I just adored it and can't wait for it to come out on DVD.
They should have released in over Thanksgiving weekend! It was an OK movie but I think it got lost in all the other releases in December.
I was made fun of at the time, but I wondered, too, why they didn't go for a Thanksgiving weekend release. Not so close to the terrible Christmas crunch.

I agree with others, though, who say trying to say to the fans that "it's up to you if there is another ST movie with our cast" is B.S.

That's like saying "buy the product even though it's sh****, just becuase you love us.
I'm not saying the movie was bad, but it's up to THEM to convince US, not the other way around.
I have not seen the movie, even though I am a long-time Trek fan. I just have no interest any longer in the TNG crew. They have had their innings and obviously, they are all 20 years older than when the series began.
Their age is beginning to show compared to the younger actors appearing in other scifi shows. I think the main reason it did poorly at the box office is that it had little appeal for the general public as compared with the other fare available, such as Harry Potter and The Two Towers, to mention just two current releases.

I'm not sure how Enterprise is doing in the ratings but I suspect the long Trek saga is coming to a close.

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