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need some dates for the tv series...

in what years are "The Deconstruction of Falling Stars" and "Sleeping in Light" set? i know Deconstruction spans multiple years, but what about Sleeping?
Also from Lurkers Guide The Deconstruction of Falling Stars takes place 100, 500, 1000, and 1000000 years in the future, from the year 2262.

My opinion is TDoFS is probably early in the year 2262 or toward the end of 2261 though. 2261(2), 2361(2), 2761(2), 3761(2), 1,002,261(2)

Actually, the main character in tDoFS is looking back on those other events from 1,000,000 after the formation of the ISA so, to be accurate, the episode takes place in the year 1,002,261 (ish) as Kraig noted.

It should very definitely be the last thing on any B5 timeline (until JMS decides to tell the story of New Earth) anyway).


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