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Need Help with Stargate SG-1 Chronology

***SPOILERS***--if you don't know what happens in the first 7 seasons...

Does anyone know if there is a Stargate SG-1 website that specializes in Stargate Chronology?

I like the show and the progression it's taken. However, I've seen so much of the show through syndication and Sci-Fi channel repeats, that I have trouble piecing together the sequence of some of the key events.

For instance, I know that there have been several main enemies, such as Apothis (sp?), and that at least a few have been defeated along the way. But I don't know who popped up when and who got defeated when. Just recently, I saw the episode in which O'Neil gains the knowledge of the Ancients and discovers the world of the Asgard. For starters, I don't know exactly when in the series that happened; plus, by then, they had already met Thor.

I know that Carter is a Captain in the first season or two, I know Daniel has longer hair in the early seasons, I know that Jonas Quinn is the fourth SG-1 member in season six, and I know that the new episodes with Gen. O'Neil in charge of SGC and Col. Carter over SG-1 is season eight. That's the most I can distinguish between the seasons. Otherwise, they all look about the same.

I know that Carter's dad becomes a Tokra, I know that Teal'c eventually loses his symbiote, I know that the NID becomes a pain in the butt at some point, I know that the Air Force creates three experimental spacecraft (X-301, X-302, and X-303), and I know that knowledge of the Stargate is gradually revealed to other countries (UK, France, and China first; Canada and few others later--Australia, Germany, or Japan, perhaps?). But I just don't know in what order those things happen.

The most confusing story thread is the existence of the 2nd Earth stargate. Doesn't it start in Antarctica, then goes to Russia, then sinks in the ocean, and finally ends up in the SGC after the original Giza gate is destroyed?

So, obviously, I know a lot about what happens in the series, but I need help knowing *when* things happen.

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