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Nathan Fillion on "LOST" 11-8-06


Nathan Fillion on \"LOST\" 11-8-06

Anybody else catch Nathan Fillion playing Kate's former love interest last night? When she opened the door and he was standing there, I geeked out and said "MAL! Hey, it's Mal!" ... My roommate looked at me like I'd just discovered the sky was blue or something. :)
Re: Nathan Fillion on \"LOST\" 11-8-06

I really should have named that thread something else. It isnt a spoiler thread, its a discussion thread (or it is going to try to be). I don't consider something that has aired a spoiler, so if people are current with the episodes, they are safe, if not, probably should be dropping in a discussion thread then eh?

Actually, its a pretty weak thread so far, and lets face it, there wont be anything to discuss till February, so Im sure a new one will pop up then.

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