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Did I hear once in an episode that the Alliance was discussing how to start terraforming Narn to help it recover from the mass driver attack?

I don't know where I got the idea from, but presumably it would be hard to get the particulate matter to settle. It would have been nice to have seen Narn in flash forward, lush and green instead of the desert world we are used to.

Someone should form the NBRA now!

(Narn Botanical Restoration Society)
Fiona Avery's short story "True Seeker", set in 2269, contains the following passages:

Minbari technology had helped Narn clear most of the particulate matter from its atmosphere since the Centauri Mass Driver bombing of 2259. But enough of the dust particles still survived in the sky overhead to serve as a beautiful sunset reminder of recent atrocities.


Alisa remembered that not only had the Minbari used wind-cleansing technology but they had also laced the sky with silver nitrate; forming clouds that were starting to dump rain on the barren Narn Homeworld in seasonal patterns. “I’m not sure the Narn really appreciate rainy seasons much.”

I don't recall a specific reference to this being planned by the Alliance, but it is clearly "canon" that such a project was undertaken. Still, it seems that the days of a green and lush Narn are so far in the future that none of the B5 characters would live to see it, and therefore unlikely it will ever be shown.


man, i would love to see narn before it was torn
"it was all green of course, before the centauri stripped it bare" - or something

it would be a great site to see
Mind you does Earth ever fully recover from the Great Burn, it looks awfully brown and dusty before Sol took it apart!
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I just didn't have anything to add.

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