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Name Change

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I see the doc's new name is working now. I wondered who Master Blade Banger III was. :p
Um, not exactly what I had in mind. Even I was wondering who the hell that was when I first logged on.

Let me rephrase: How do I go about changing my screen name to something else I would like?

The idea of Gonzo journalisim, using fiction presented as fact as a way to get out essential truths bothers me more now that "reality based" can be seen as an insult.

I still enjoy Thompson's stuff and feel that he was being honest about what he was doing but I feel a bit more attached to actual facts nowadays.

I really hadn't thought much about what I would want as a new name. I thought it would be something I would do and I'd have time to ponder what to use. Quagmire is the first thing that comes to mind.
P.S. You need a new avatar...like this:

Not open for further replies.