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Mystic River


Clint Eastwood's new one (directing, not starring) is getting some raves. Kevin Bacon, Tim Robbins, and Sean Penn play three childhood friends racked by a violent crime in their neighborhood in Boston.

The cast is stellar. Clint's directing style is usually a bit clinical, but people are saying he's gotten beyond that in Mystic River.

I'm hoping to see this tonight.
I'm hearing all kinds of good things about this movie. The only problem is it's only showing in select cities, and it's not playing anywhere around here. I may be going to Indianapolis this weekend, and hopefully it's playing somewhere around there.
We saw it yesterday and it lived up to all the hype. One reviewer said he was glad that he didn't have a Oscar vote becasue he wouldn't be able to decide between Sean Penn and Tim Robbins.
I saw it on the 19th.

It was one of those in which I liked the individual acting performances, but not the overall movie very much. At the end, I left feeling kinda weirded out, like the world was a little colder and more foreign than it felt before I saw the movie.

It's not one I'd buy on DVD.
I finally saw this the other day.

I like it a lot. It has its weak spots, like a couple of heavy-handed moments, but overall it was quite intriguing.

Not a happy movie.

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