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Myriam Sirois??


Some of the stories about casting on B5LR list "Myriam Sirois (Babylon 5)" as a cast member.
there is a "Miriam Sirois" on imdb who seems to fit the profile (Canadian TV and voice-over work) but no mention of a B5 connection.
anyone have any idea what the connection to B5 is?

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Miriam/Myriam are the same person. But I don't see the B5 connection either.

<font size="-2" color="silver">"The Babylon Project was our last, best, hope for peace.
A self-contained world five miles long, located in neutral
territory. A place of commerce and diplomacy for a quarter
of a million humans and aliens. A shining beacon in space,
all alone in the night. It was the dawn of the third age of
mankind, the year the great war came upon us all. This is
the story of the last of the Babylon stations. The year is
2259: the name of the place is Babylon 5."
She did the voice work for Fatal Fury (Akane)
and various other cool anime/manga projects like Sailor Moon.

I was able to find a pic of her, very nice fresh young pretty face with darkish hair.

But alas I couldn't find any reference to her work on B5 either.

A search of 2 sites (one painstakingly done by looking at each and every actor's name in each episode) revealed no Myriam Sirois in any of the credits, and both sites were quite thorough in their info. Must be some kind of mistake.

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I must say that I don't recognize either her picture or her name. Can't seem to place her anywhere within the B5 realm either.

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