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My take on B5

“No rush”, very funny. Bit of a coincidence maybe jms is wandering about the net while he recuperates.

As I said, I’ve never read the books and didn’t realise that some parts of them intertwined with what was seen on screen. Given what your talking about in the above spoiler tags (and jms’s usual level of care with continuity) I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they were bullet points the author had to hit. Especially if jms was being asked questions surrounding what was seen in the shows around that time, and the novels provided the opportunity to explain things.
I am unhappy about Galen's conversations.

Spoiler for Galen Sheridan and Kosh:
Galen telling Sheridan about the Shadow's encirclement strategy does not make sense - Sheridan is meant to be a military genius.

What Galen could have done is tell the Kosh that Sheridan opens unexpected windows. This would trigger the Vorlons to look for their window of opportunity. This would explain why the Vorlons changed their behaviour after several million years.
It’s just a thought, and probably a very bad one as I haven’t read any of the books.

But given that jms wanted them to be viewed as part of the story of B5, expanding existing elements and introducing new ones. Is it not possible that joe himself wanted these sort of story elements included in order to explain why certain things happened the way they did in the show, such as what your saying about the ‘eye’ etc.

It depends upon whether it was in JMS's 10-20 page treatment that he gave to Jeanne Cavelos
whether Cavelos came up with these things herself.
Was it a bullet point in JMS's treatment that she had to hit, or was that her idea?
That's why I asked JMS the question:

I think this point came up out of jms's online fan discussion. Joe wrote Z'ha'Dum the way he liked it and all was right with the world until fans starting bitching and saying that Z'ha'Dum's apparent lack of defense was bad writing. The book remedies that situation but at the complete expense of Sheridan by saying that his plan was completely foolish and doomed to fail had it not been for the presence of
Galen, a character created 2 years later.

In looking over our discussion from November 2001 (pretty sad, huh?) I am reminded that the events in the book further contradict the show with regard to the state of "The Eye" in "Hour of the Wolf".
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In looking over our discussion from November 2001 (pretty sad, huh?)....

Got a link?

....I am reminded that the events in the book further contradict the show with regard to the state of "The Eye" in "Hour of the Wolf".

"Hour of the Wolf" took place after the Whitestar/Thermonuke explosion, and after the Shadows must have put somebody else in The Eye, and reinstituted the Shadow programming. In "Hour of the Wolf" the Eye would almost certainly not have been up to its pre-explosion capabilities. Maybe they put a teep in it this time.