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my humble , honest and unbiased opinion(spoilers)



i saw legend of the rangers last night here is my view of the film ...
It had some corny scenes , it had some brilliant scenes wich were new and very imaginative .. "the hand" i thought could have been re-hashed from the shadows , but i hope jms addresses this if there is a series ??? i also thought g`kar in some scenes tried over act his character but overall he did a great job reprising his role ... i thught alex zahara was brill as dulann i liked his chracter and his relationship with the captain .i also thought the story was typical jms , a lot of on screen humour quite addictive once you got into it wich i find his work to be like that ... the music was ok and the special effects was great so on the whole i believe it was a very good pilot (*prays to the maker*) i just hope we will get to see a series out of this !!! just think what the series would be like ????

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