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My big project: MY G´Kar


My big project: MY G´Kar

Hello Folks:thumbsup:

Now i want to introduce you to my actual mask project.. (more about me you can read on my homepage www.incognito-costumes.com)... a silicone mask of the ambassador G`Kar.

Here you see the several steps from the mold to the negative form plus stabilise plaster form.

This is my finished positive sculpt (animated .gif ) (about 6 weeks ago)


Here some pics step by step of the making of the negative form, made with rebound 25 of Smooth On.:

Here is the negative form in the stabilising plaster form (one week ago)

This is the finished negativ form (3 days ago):

Now i work on some screw holes to fix the both halfes.. Next days i start to make the mask itself.
drop the thumbs for a successful work!:thumbsup:
Re: My big project: MY G´Kar

thank you! :bolian:

yes, i love making costumes ... you should have a look at my homepage...(it´s in my signature) http://www.incognito-costumes.com.... then you`ll be sure that i´m a nerd... hehe

now the plaster form is done, the rebound25- negative is inside, the release agent is on it, and i wait now for a quiet day, learn again about working with dragon skin (smooth on) and then it will be serious... i have only one try, because the material is very expensive...

but i think im working professionally enough, and im sure that it´ll rock !!! :drool:

But that´s not the end... Then the last step will come... painting the mask!

drop your thumbs, friends
Re: My big project: MY G´Kar

Hello, Citizens of Babylon 5 !!

Now i made my first self-made-mask. The silicone has been poured into my mold and put out again. The first try was shit of course, but now i have the experience, i think it reached about 85% of my claim.

Now it must only be painted, then it´s ready. I think about two methods...
1. with the professional colours of smooth on or 2. i use airbrush.
but i must learn and look first what is better and/ or cheaper.

But for the first you may have a look yourself :eek:
It´s the mask, unpainted in generally ground skin colour

And, what do you think about that? :bolian:
Re: My big project: MY G´Kar

oh yeah!! you dont know how long i was working ONLY for the positive head!! :eek::)
Re: My big project: MY G´Kar

Well, now i think about what kind of colour i use... it´s not cheap, so i have to calculate before i order.
And i have to wait a little bit for my next money:rolleyes:

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