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My Babylon 5 collection give away


Anyone interested in my B5 collection? This is what I got:

- The complete series on DVD. American region 1 release of the box sets. 6 box sets: seasons 1-5 and the movie collection (The Gathering, In the Beginning, Thirdspace, River of Souls, A Call To Arms). Does not include Crusade, Legend of the Rangers or the Lost Tales
- The cover art is custom. Printed from an independent computer graphic artist. He used the same basic cover images of the commercially available sets but removed the weird coloring and replaced the spine images with ones that, when standing together in order, form an image of the station. It's way cooler.
- I've had these for a while so a few of the discs may have some niks and the cover images have some fading on the extremities (still looks sweet on the shelf). Because of the custom art I can't sell these to a store so I'd rather it go to a fan who wants it.
Even if you already have the DVDs and want the other stuff I'm giving away, you can just use these cases to replace yours.

- In Valen's Name 3-part comic in excellent condition.

- Psi-Corps Trilogy: hardcover

- Paperbacks: Centauri trilogy, techno-mage trilogy, To Dream in the City of Sorrows, and Shadow Within. These novels are the "official B5 canon."

- Midnight Nation graphic novel, paperback. Written by JMS but not part of B5.

I don't need this stuff anymore (I've watched the series like 50 times and I'm certainly not going to re-read the books or comics), can't really sell most of it for any real money (maybe that hardcover book), so I'll just give it to a fan. I would only need you to pay for shipping, packaging, etc. Basically I would take it to a UPS branch, have them pack it and ship it, and you'd reimburse me the total price.

PM me if interested.
Does anybody know anyone who would have use for VHS PAL tapes of the series...? I've started to upgrade to DVD.

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