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MTV Movie Awards

I'm surprised no one's posted on this.

This year's MTV Movie Awards showed that maybe kid's ain't all stupid these days since "The Two Towers" picked up "Best Movie."

The MTV Awards has some unorthodox categories - including Best Kiss, Best Fight, Best Action Scene, and Best Virtual Performance (hear that, Oscars?)

The talk of the town was Gollum's ranting acceptance speech for BVC.

See it and others at:

MTV Movie Awards Clips
God dammit!

Fucking Real Player! Does anyone have those in a NON-real player format? I hate websites that post stuff like this, but use real-player thereby forcing people to download and pay for something when there are PLENTY of other programs out there just as good that are free. :mad:
Dude, chill out. :p

It is free but I do agree with the annoying and sneaky methods that are used to get people to pay for it. I am guessing that MTV has an exclusive deal to show clips in RealVideo so unless someone has cracked the clips into other formats, you will have to learn to deal with it.

If you want a free player and not have to go through the hassles of finding and downloading it, try this link:

I think most of those links will start the download and no credit card is necessary. ;)

Also, I guess you hate my web site as well for posting things in RealVideo format then? :rolleyes: :(
Gollum's acceptance speech was amazing! It was so funny and so...disappointing at the same time. It got the same reaction from me that "The Council of Elrond" parody got. "OMG, what did they do?! How dare they?! Oh, but it was soo funny!"

Yes, see, we do have brains! We LOVE Lord of the Rings!!! (Well, I like it for the literary masterpiece that it is...not because ORLANDO BLOOM is in it...)

I sincerely hope the Oscars picked up on that new category. (Best Virtual Performance) because Andy Serkis really deserves an Oscar.
I watched most of that .. and yeah Gollum's rant was great. but for me the highlight of the evening was tAtu's performance... If it's wrong to love a stage full of girls in their underwear, i don't wanna be right.
I only saw the opening thing with the Matrix: Reloaded spoof. That was pretty funny. But then I changed the channel and failed to see the rest. I couldn't care less about those awards. I still remember when Jim Carrey's performance as the Grinch won Best Villain one year. Maybe he DID deserve it, but the other candidates were much more deserving of it than the main villain of a Dr. Seuss story. Sheesh.
Thrawn - it was also very amusing how they ended it. Quite often (if not almost everytime) the singers of t.A.T.u. kiss each other during a TV performance but some channels don't show that (like NBC when they were on Leno). We loved it when instead of them kissing, all the other girls did it in an in-your-face-censors kind of way. ;)