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More various from jms - 6/15/04 5:58 am

Apologies if this has already been posted elsewhere, but it looks like I may be the first to break the news:

EDIT: Sorry, my browser didn't show the other thread had new messages, so I thought it hadn't been reported yet. Silly me. Feel free to delete this entire thread, since I don't know how... -mcn

From rec.arts.sf.tv.babylon5.moderated by way of JMSNews.com:
Okay, let's try this again. Best to break the ice by just sort of doing a
round-up of what's going on and what's coming and suchlike.

I'll try to address some of the questions that have come up about what's coming

On the movies DVDs, and what's inside: the main thing is that we've got
commentaries on literally every one of them. Mike Vejar and I did a commentary
on In the Beginning, I did one with John Iacovelli on The Gathering, and
another with Janet Greek and Tracy Scoggins on River of Souls. I can't
remember now if I solo'd on A Call to Arms or if Mike was there as well (it all
blurs after a while...I've done something like fifteen of these things by now).

There's a separate cast commentary on Thirdspace with, I think, Pat, Jeff,
Jesus Trevino, and one or two others.

On the Crusade DVDs, there's one commentary I did on the original pilot (once
WB and I came to a meeting of minds, to wit, "I'm gonna say what happened to
the show, what *really* happened...you got a problem with that?"). There's a
second commentary track with Fiona, Janet, Peter Woodward and Carrie Dobro.

(We interrupt this message with a coded message for our friends in England and
Australia: keep your eyes on the horizon.)

One oddity...constant readers will remember a while back when I was asked what
TMoS was, and I provided a list of things it *wasn't*. The aforementioned
oddity is...one of those things has come up as an adjunct to TMoS.

Also, expect word fairly soon-ish about a new series of B5 novels.

Elsewhere on the prose front...Straczynski Unplugged is out now, and
Tribulations will be coming out in December.

I've turned in all three final Rising Stars scripts, and the first issue of the
last arc comes out in October, I hear.

Next week a new arc and a new artist starts on Amazing Spider-Man, and it's a
stinking cool issue. You can read a preview of the whole issue for free at:


On other projects...I'm making sudden progress with the medieval play I've been
twiddling with for the last few years, and may have it done in the next couple
of months. Once that happens, my plan is to do a limited, small production for
two weeks or so here in LA, just to see how the text works with an audience,
then take it away for another few months, twiddle with it some more, then go
for a larger venue. I may do something similar in London, since I may be
spending a bit amount of time there fairly soon.

And for those who've asked, I won't be in attendence at San Diego Comic Con
this year due to a variety of commitments.

Oh...and I've been offered an EP position on a network series, and while I
don't usually do that on shows I don't create or develop, when I heard what
this project was, I had to get on board. We still have to negotiate a deal,
and work out how that will interface with the stuff that'll be going on later
in the year, but fortunately the start date for the series should work out, at
least at this point.


I figured it was just easier to post the whole thing. Is it just me, or does it sound like B5:TMoS will be filmed in England and Austrailia?

Also of interest: we know now from the mention of the new B5 novels (woohoo!) that whatever the adjunct to TMoS is, it *isn't* a novel :)

And I wonder what the network series in question is?


JMS is coming over to England soon.

My guess as to what business will keep him over here for a while is that TMoS ( or a part of it - Maybe SFX or Bluescreen work ) will happen in England.

However it may not be filmed here - but in mainland europe - perhaps Bulgaria etc....where it is a lot more inexpensive to film.
There is a rumour that JMS is making other films.
Possibilities based on his comics are:
Spiderman 3 (unlikely).
Midnight Nation.
Raising Stars.
Green Lantern.
Dr Strange.

Or something totally new.
Or to the series he's Executive Producing. I agree it may be the EP job or an extension of the wrong side of the River clue. Do Australia and England both look to the same horizon, that has anything to do with the wrong side of the river?

[Runs and hides after throwing that back in again]
Im prety certain that given where its placed that means the Region 2 set will be hitting.
It could just mean that the Crusade DVDs are coming but it is going to be a long wait. Next year?

The Region 4 DVDs could be attached to the Region 2 since they are both PAL.
Sorry, PAL not Region 2, Im under the impression the coding is a minor operation compared to switching to PAL.
Sorry, PAL not Region 2, Im under the impression the coding is a minor operation compared to switching to PAL.

The Region coding appears to be just a few bits in the header.

Poor quality conversions can go NTSC to PAL. For high quality film to PAL is used.

There is a high quality digital format that can be used as half way house when converting films. This format can be used to make both NTSC and PAL.