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More Bewitched casting


Staff member
Apparantly Shirley MacLaine is in talks to be Endora, and Michael Caine as Maurice.

I've not seen Shirley in anything. But from this picture, I can so see Endora.

Michael Caine, I don't like that idea so much. Because he's too Michael Caine, and he's done a father in a 60s-style film (Austin Powers).

You've never seen *anything* with Shirley McClaine before? I mean she isn't someone for whom I would go out of way to find a movie just because she appeared in it. But she has been in a number movies that were good and / well known.

I like Caine's work quite a bit, but .....
Maurice was always the kind of upscale gentleman who was very comfortable, even casual, in white tie and tails. There always seems to be at least an undercurrent of working class in Caine. I'm not sure that it's a good fit.