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More Avatars!

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I want more Avatars!
Really. This ones have really low quality and with the DVDs im sure you could make a few better ones
Not only that, but if we had more avatars people wont be confused as much, whenever i read a post from someone with the Max avatar i almost inmediatly assume it´s Joe.

People always end up picking the same avatars, the coolest ones. I think we need more variety

Oh, and btw five or six more lochley avatars would be great lol
The wider the selection of regular avatars, the less incentive there would be for anyone to sign up for the premium member thingy though (provided that starts up again).
There are there other issues though. I wouldn't want people to think that it's blackmail to pay.

More image means more download time basically. 5 avatars at 3k each is 15k. If you have 20 that's 60k. Bandwidth and download time would be impacted.

And it would impact the premies to an extent, they paid for uniqueness.

You say to take pictures from DVDs, but that's all very well. However, how do you propose I get pics of Marcus, Lochley, the Crusade cast etc? To have some from DVD and some from video would look too different. They will be replaced with DVD shots when the entire show is out on DVD. Premies can have their shots upgraded to DVD when they choose, if the shot is available.

The quality is fine I think, and have had no complaints.
i didn´t want to sound ungrateful or anything, sorry. Although my avatar is fine i guess, i would really like to have another one. Okay, so when is the premium membership coming back again? and will i be able to pay through AmazonUK´s Honor Sistem?

The quality is fine I think, and have had no complaints.
It will come back soon, but I keep saying soon.
not enough time right now, and I want the service to be right for present payers, and those who join. A server move is coming up which will affect this.

Payment is through PayPal I'm afraid, as Amazon take stupid amounts of comission.
Markas, have you been a premium member since last April?

Antony, you are almost a year behind. Tsk tsk.
No...I asked about it last February...and then Ant wasn't taking any new premies. I'm still standard. (That sounds vaguely Eltonish, doesn't it.)
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