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Directed by Zowie Bowie (aka Duncan Jones), with a tiny budget, minimal cast and no CGI (all effects are minature based !!) i'm looking forward to this. Should hark back to the days of movies like Silent Running and Alien.

If anything, it should provide a nice contrast to the 3 hour CGI war orgy that was Transformers 2 (which I still admittedly enjoyed).
Yes, it does. Another one where I'll have to wait for DVD. It never opened in our area, as it was given a limited release it wouldn't have gone further south than Tucson, if that.

It looks very good. I love psychological sci-fi. :cool:
Hyp, did you like Solaris? and Sunshine? Just curious what you thought of those.

Event Horizon is kind of another one.
Solaris was good, I thought. Sunshine was too much centered on violence and blood/gore for me to finish it.
I loved Sunshine, even the gruesome bits. Event Horizion was efectively a slasher flick in space. Not seen Solaris (original or hollywood remake)
Looking forward to this movie. I haven't seen Sunshine and I though the Solaris remake was interesting if not quite succeeding in its ambitions.

I read an interview by the director and it seems he's making a willful effort to bring back thoughtful, conceptual science-fiction.
I wasn't terribly impressed with Sunshine... visually stunning, but not much more than that. Although Cilian Murphy is always fun to watch.

(And now I will always associate it with my first girlfriend, who loves it to pieces...)
Anyone who is taking the road less travelled in making thoughtful, concept-driven science fiction should, in my book, be given decent money to do it. Even if I don't like the results myself, this is the true heart of science fiction. It has not been treated very well by the movie industry.
A quick thread resurrection on this one: just watched it.

Having seen the trailer I was aware of the central conceit, which might have ruined some of the initial suspense for me, but didn't hurt the rest of the film in the slightest. Very tense. I'm actually tired from watching this because I've been so taut the entire time...

Pretty darn good! On reflection it's got some vague similarities to Sunshine, only way better... a brilliant performance. And three cheers for Gerty.
Sunshine seemed to be following the same mold used in Event Horizon and the ultra-shitty Supernova. Gothic horror set in space - good guys vs. gruesome nemesis, with the fate of the Earth/Galaxy/whatnot, hanging in the balance.

That being said, I liked Moon a lot. Definitely much more along the lines of Silent Running. And also, most of the scenes involving GERTI were CGI, you just couldn't tell. CGI was also used extensively to polish the miniature work to near perfection. They also used a really cool forced perspective shot for when our two characters find the hidden area beneath the station. It appears to be a giant hall going back hundreds of feet, but in the making of vignette, you can see it is literally no more than a 10 feet deep set piece. Very clever and very simple.