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Moon in Gemini


Since Showtime finally updated their July schedule, they also released the episode summaries for "Moon in Gemini" and "Out of the Ashes". I just had to post the summary for MiG since it reveals something that I hope won't be cheesy. I have wondered before about topics that I have questioned how it would turn out before and have been proven wrong so far. Let's hope the same applies for this episode:

<font color=orange>A message from Erin's wayward twin sister, Lauren, sends her and Jeremiah on a mission of personal discovery while Kurdy and Elizabeth meet with Shadow of the Crescent, a group of Black separatists.</font color=orange>

Erin has a twin sister?? /ubbthreads/images/icons/rolleyes.gif
Duh, Ingrid Kavelaars has a twin sister, Monique. It just hit me when I saw the preview for next week's episode. It looked like a real twin rather than Ingrid playing a double.

Maybe it won't be as cheesy as I first thought ...

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