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Moderator needed


Staff member
Would someone like to be a moderator of this lovely forum?

You'd get a custom avatar and erm... err... we'd love you?

The ability to come in daily and just check everything is okay is the main thing, and the occaisonal moving of a topic. The traffic in this forum isn't that high, so it's be a pretty laid back job (hopefully). But coming in on a regular basis is still quite important.

If you're interested, please post below.

I'll volunteer if you'd like. I usually come by this board several times a day, so I got the regular basis thing down. I have mod powers on another board I frequent daily, so I have some level of experience in minor mod powers (closing/moving threads, etc) if that's an issue (it'd just be a matter of having to figure out this particular board's process to do so, which I imagine isn't too hard).

Don't know if you'd be interested in my help, but there it is if you'd want it. :)
I'll volunteer if being an expert on B5 personell is not a requirement.

Is it safe to assume this reorganization is an indication that you might not be closing this board? :D

If so: yea! :cool:
Congrats, vacantlook. But I want you to use the Lt. Matheson vacant look avatar. :D
I don't recall seeing Kribu offering said slaps...

Do your own slapping, Markas man! :rolleyes:

Congrats, VL! Yee- haw! :cool:
I like VL's new icon.

Thanks KoshFan; I like it quite a bit too. As Markas came to find, me picking an avatar is an excruciating piece of decision making. I labored for quite a long time to decide between two options I had narrowed my selection down to. I imagine Markas was 'bout ready to wack me over the head with a stuffed animal if I didn't finally make a choice between the two when I did.

Alas, I'm pleased with my selection. It's nice to look at and it has a nice message.

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