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Missing Disk 3 of Season Four


About a year ago, I purchased all five seasons of B5. While I intended to start viewing them right away, I did not.

Then, two weeks ago, I broke both bones of my right leg (I fell off my bicycle). As I am unable to work, I started watching, and enjoying, the DVDs.

To my dismay, my season four box set contained two disk 2s and no disk 3.

Was this a common problem? Should I contact Warner Brothers or would that be a waste of time?

I do intend to contact the store where I purchased them, but without a receipt I fear they will not help me.
I'd heard of similar things but I don't think it was a common occurrance. I think the thing to do is contact the Warner Home Video office closest to where you are.

Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion. I have sent an email to Warner Brothers Home Video Customer Service (whv@b3custserv.com). I will keep the forum advised on what happens.
Being prepared to turn in the extra #2 disc, or show both discs to the store where you purchased them, would help substantiate your claim.
I got a response, and have sent an e-mail to the new email address.

"Dear Customer:

Please email service@wbshop.com regarding your inquiry for Warner Home Video.

They are handling customer support for the new shop.

Warner Home Video Online Customer Support"
Good thought.

Right now, I am unable to drive due to my broken leg. Once I can have someone drive me down to the store, I'll do as you suggest.

However, I do not believe they have another copy of B5 season four on the shelf. But it is worth contacting them.

I got a response...

"Hi John,

The fastest and easiest way to replace a defective DVD is through the retailer you purchased it from. Most retailers have a return policy for defective items, and can replace it right away. If the retailer's return policy cannot offer you a replacement, you can follow up with the Warner Brothers DVD team. Use the "Contact Us" link on the main Warner Brothers site. Please select the "Home Video & DVD" topic from the drop down menu and submit your request for a replacement.


So, since I had a dental appointment today, I had a friend take me to the retailer after the appointment. I am pleased to report that I was able to exchange the box set and the retailer was very pleasant about the whole thing.

The retailer is Fred Meyer originally out of Portland Oregon, but now owned by Kruger. We stopped at one location and they were willing to exchange, but did not have B5 Season 4 in stock (which was as I feared). But they called another location which did have it in stock. They held it for me and we drove over and exchanged. I am very pleased.

A happy ending!

Thanks for the help and suggestions!