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Beyond the rim
I happened to catch Miracles on ABC last night & found it to be surprisingly good. I thought it would be sickly-sweet like Touched by an Angel, but it was more like X- Files. If the plot doesn't go around in circles like XF, it might be a great show. I warmed up to this show more than I have to some of the others, & I'm not even a religious person. It's about a man who investigates strange occurrences to see if they are miracles. Now, if it can just stay on the air...

I loved the X-Files first season. But I think it was by season 3 I stopped watching it. I think I stopped watching every single episode even in season 2.

It never seemed to go anywhere, somehow. And the conspiracies just got more and more ridiculous to me. By its end, I heard fans saying they hoped it would be their last season.

Uh, did it get really cornball-ish at the end?
I didn't see it, so I don't know.

Anyhow, back to this new show. It sounds like it could be interesting.
I didn't watch it, although I meant to. It sounded similar to Mysterious Ways, which I quite liked .

However, whether Miracles succeeds may depend on the timeslot, since it will be opposite CSI: Miami.
I kinda liked it. Good actors, interesting story. Definitely willing to give it another few episodes.

Admiral Dave