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Mira Furlan Autobiography


I thought this had been posted here before but I don't see it. Mira Furlan's Autobiography is now available to order and the website says that orders prior to November 22 will get something extra.

Love me more than anything in the world: stories about belonging
“Love Me More Than Anything In The World” is a book that evokes not only Mira Furlan but a whole world, like Atlantis submerged but not forgotten, with a lot of sentiment and feelings, and always uncompromising, with many tears and laughter. So far you have known Mira Furlan, an actress, and after this book you will know Mira Furlan – a person.


Love me more than anything in the world: stories about belonging
An Excerpt

Am I writing this book for you? So that you can understand what came before you?

So that you can get a glimpse into a distant, long gone world that your parents came from? Do you even want to know about it? Do you need that heavy baggage, the baggage that your mother keeps dragging through her life, without ever finding a way of putting it down, if only for a second?

Or am I writing it for an anonymous American reader who has barely heard of me, let alone the country of my birth? Am I writing it as a warning? Am I trying to say: “I told you so?” And do I want to add (without daring to say it out loud): “… but you didn’t listen?”

Or am I writing it for myself, to myself? Why? Is it to “understand myself better” by trying to detect the hidden “story” in the scattered, illogical, messy narrative of my life?

And while I’ve been trying to answer these unanswerable questions, toiling over words in a language that is not mine (although I audaciously pretend it is), something very strange has happened: you have grown up. Not only that: America has become a different country, a country ominously similar to the place we once left in horror and despair. There is no doubt anymore that the forces that chased us out of our own homes have won a global victory. We fought those forces once. Now we feel tired. We are exhausted by repetition.

And, strangely enough, this book is becoming a different book. It is no longer a book of memories of a distant place and a distant time. It is becoming something very different: a plea to America and the world.
I didn’t know she had an autobiography. Thanks for posting that, from what little I actually know about her it sounded like she had a hard but amazing life.
Not to waste space and start a new thread, while Bill Mumy also has an autobiography, it appears that there is now a third (less expensive) unsigned version available from Amazon.

$75-ish https://www.billmumystore.com/listing/1302873464/deluxe-autographed-personalized-edition
$65-ish https://www.billmumystore.com/listing/1303218774/signed-edition-danger-will-robinson-the
$45-ish https://www.amazon.com/dp/1735621544

...While the unsigned Amazon version may ship in a week-ish, appears that the more expensive signed books are aiming for 2023... "Signed book with ship in approximately 5-6 weeks - as fast as Bill can sign!"
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Looks like there's a delay on Mira's book:

"Note: November Printing delayed. Preorders still available.
Shipping begins December the 15th. Order before then and receive…
A Special GIFT
delivered with Mira’s book."
Any shipment notifications yet? I mean it is 8am in my time zone. :LOL:

The site says "Shipping begins on December 20th" so guess that means And So It Begins.

Minor Update: Received one of those Paypal Shipping notifications (no tracking info) so looks like the book might be arriving in another two weeks with holiday shipping and such.

Useful Update : Mine has arrived!! :):):):):)
Would guess it took about ten days, but with two weekend-ish holidays in the mix that's still pretty quick.
...and would appear that the Free Gift is a digital picture of Mira called "mira2---photo.jpg" sent by email on the 4th.

Semi-Off-Topic: Noticed that Pat's 2020 release of Pleasure Thresholds is available for $35, although it appears to say "16 available".
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As an extra FYI: This email was sent out on January 4th:

Thank you very much for your support and for ordering Mira‘s book. By now you should have received your copy or you will receive it shortly. We are confident that you are gonna love this extremely important book. Rising printing costs , paper shortages, and extremely expensive international shipping (46$ for the UK) were some of the difficulties we faced, making the process much longer than we expected. We are thankful for your understanding.

Mira finished writing “Love me more than anything in the world“ in August of 2020. She wrote it in English, and the book published in Croatia and Serbia earlier in 2022 is a translated version of her 10th and final draft.

Please, enjoy it.
Updated URL. https://mirafurlan.net/order-miras-autobiography/

The text is just so what I think is JMS/Delenn, but is clearly so much of Mira channelled in B5 .

I do want to read this. But she was a year younger than my mum and died when my mum was dying, I can't tackle right now just due to personal proximity.

But one day I intend to.
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