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Minbari pilots tempting death?


Do Minbari pilots and crew personal really experience much in the way of sudden turn G-force? Usually Minbari ships go forward ... and keep going, heh. It's the Human ships we see spin fast to "get the hell out of there".

Seriousily, we've seen Minbari fighters turn and manuever ... but I don't recall ever seeing a larger warship ever move in anything but a straight line. Sometimes they've turned, but always off-camera ...

I noticed something awhile back that has been sorta bugging me a bit. Mibari beds are kept at an angle because the Minbari believe that sleeping in a prone position is tempting death. Yet their pilots lay in the prone position to fly their fighters. Now maybe its not "tempting death" if they are flying and fighting rather then sleeping...but if I were gonna go into a firefight I wouldn't want to tempt death any more then required
However, I do gotta say I like the touch of sleeping differently then humans or piloting a fighter from an entirely "un-human" way. Helps to show these are aliens, not just boneheaeded humans
Maybe the Minbari only think they're "tempting death" if they sleep in that position - or only if they lay on their backs. (Even this idea has exceptions. Dulann was kept on a flat bed for medical reasons after being injured in the Rangers movie.

Actually aircraft flown from the prone position have been looked at on this planet, since pilots can apparently handle higher G-forces lying down than when seated. Handy in a fighter, even an atmospheric one. Similar thinking may have gone into the Minbari design (and the "standing" Starfury layout), especially if such small ships don't have artificial gravity.



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Has anyone considered that piloting a fighter in battle is, by its very nature, tempting death? Especially with the Minbari approach to fighting. One more temptation should not be a problem.

G-forces in a Minbari fighter... would be a sign of imminent engine failiure. And if the gravity engine goes, the fighter will go where inertia takes it. In weightless conditions, you would hardly have to worry about G-forces.

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We have seen White Stars do rather extreme manouvers, exceeding the manouverability of Earth Force ships by incredible amounts.

And some warcruisers have flown less than directly... although their preferred way is to keep the main guns focused at enemy. For most enemies, that is enough.

Even if they accelerate, turn or decelerate, the crew should feel very little. In fact, aside from externally caused accelerations (impact and weapons fire) the crew should feel nothing. A gravity engine pulls the ship and crew equally, so there is no preceived acceleration.

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