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Minbari Clans


I remember the Wind Swords and the Moon Shields. Does anybody know any others?

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I know that the Wind Swords and the Star Riders are real clans but I'm not sure about the rest of these... The Fire Wings, Moon Sheilds, and the Night Walkers. (Those are all Warrior caste by the way)

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More or less.

Clans of the warrior caste are more widely known due to their specialised origins and historic unity. They were the ones who (in the old times) had a specific capital, held specific fortresses and trained armies consisting of their own people.

The religious and worker castes seem to be less divided. They probably established alliances between each other and various warrior caste clans, but changed these when interests required. But there are distinct groups, of which I know a few. Delenn belongs to the clan of Mir, Lennier originates from the third fane of Chudomo.

In addition, individuals may always change their allegiance and calling, provided that they fulfill the requirements and are accepted. Beat an Alyt in piloting skills or strategy for instant admission into the warrior caste. Prove that you can design a building, and you may enter the worker caste.

[start biased opinion]

For the religious caste, the requirements are slightly higher. Calculating the probable lifetime of a neutrino and knowing huge amounts of nonsense about Valen is not enough. You must also be able to cook excellent flarn.

[end biased opinion]

After the changes Valen made in Minbari society, some institutions started to function outside the caste system. Rangers could come from anywhere, provided that they wanted it badly enough.

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