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Mike Collins at Redemption

I am pleased to announce that Mike Collins will be a guest at Redemption. Mike has worked on British and American comic books as a writer and artist for more than 15 years and is best known to Babylon 5 fans for his work on the graphic novel In Valen's Name. A list of his credits over the years include Judge Dredd, Dr Who, X-Men, Legion of Super Heroes and Star Trek. More recently he painted and pencilled some of the cards in the Harry Potter role playing game.

For more information, check his web site:


Redemption 03 will be held from 21-23 February 2003 in Ashford, Kent, UK. Other guests announced are Damian London, who played the Regent in Babylon 5, and Blake's 7 script editor Chris Boucher.
Celebrating 25 years of Blake's 7 and 10 years of Babylon 5