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Michael O'Hare


Beyond the rim
Michael O\'Hare

Hi all,
I thought he did a good job portraying Commander Sinclair. He brought the character to life. Some people say he didn't make eye contact. IMHO I think that was part of how the character was supposed to be portrayed. It is what they call the 1000 yard stare and was common among war veterans.

Re: Michael O\'Hare

He made eye contact. Frankly, I don't see what people had against him. He was military, had been through some stressful times, and was trying to maintain tight control of himself. That may have made him appear cold and official at times, but at other times and with friends, he was warm and friendly. He wasn't as gregarious as Sheridan, but they're just different people. Both were believable.
Re: Michael O\'Hare

That is why I can't wait for set one on DVD. Too bad Michael will not be interviewed.

Re: Michael O\'Hare

I think Michael O'Hare was pretty good, and I've always liked the character of Sinclair.

Shame about the DVD interview, well lack of it. It seems quite odd to me that they just couldn't track him down. They shouldn't have left it so late in trying to find him. Never mind.
Re: Michael O\'Hare

I liked Michael O' Hare as Sinclair though he was good better IMHO than Bruce Boxleitner as Sheridan sorry everybody I liked Sinclair charcter better .I 'll still buy the dvd's even though he's not in the interviews perhaps for WW2 for S3 .
Re: Michael O\'Hare

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Shame about the DVD interview, well lack of it. It seems quite odd to me that they just couldn't track him down.


They did track him down (after considerable effort.) They left a message on his answering machine. He decided against the interview, and didn't call them back. /forums/images/icons/confused.gif

Michael has moved more than once since he left the show all those years ago. It turns out that nobody had a current address or phone number for him - including JMS and the Screen Actors Guild. Sandy Bruckner, former president of the late, lamented official B5 fan club finally provided them with the correct number, and as soon as WHV got it, they called him.

I got the full story on all this from JMS and Ruth O'Hare. She's never said why Michael declined the interview (nor why he never mentioned getting the phone message to her.) May have been a scheduling thing, or he may just not have been interested. But Ruth, at least, now knows that there's a lot of fan interest in having Michael contribute to the DVDs, so I can only hope he'll do an interview and/or a commentary track ("WWE") for the third season set. Or maybe something for an SE of The Gathering or ItB, in the event the WHV decides to revist the first two TV movies.


Re: Michael O\'Hare

Actually, I'm ashamed to admit this, but: when I first saw him in B5 I thought his acting was "wooden". The second time I got around to watching season 1 I felt otherwise. His acting is subtle. Maybe more "stage" acting or something. But it really took time for him to grow on me.

But then I saw B5 out of order. That might have made a difference. Season 1 really should be watched before seasons 2,3, etc. /forums/images/icons/laugh.gif

Oh, and when I did see Sheridan, all I could think was "Tron". /forums/images/icons/wink.gif
Re: Michael O\'Hare

For more information on Michael O'Hare go to http://teamohare.com There is even a feedback section that has a message board there as well as a Sunday chat. There is also the FAMOuse Links section and the un-endorsed story "The Babylon 5 That Never Was" by William Piniarski. Joe and I have argued this point many many times.


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