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"Messages from Earth": my favourite (spoilers)

\"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I could possibly change my opinion later...

...but currently, it seems that "Messages from Earth" is my favourite episode in Season 3, and possibly all of B5. After first watching it, I clearly recall wondering to myself "was that really 45 minutes"?

The storyline contained so much... that most TV shows could have *never* fit everything into a single episode, maintaining an unrelenting sense of movement (events spinning out of control) yet never becoming too quick.

Despite full awareness that you probably know this wonderful episode... I still cannot resist the temptation of posting silly comments and pictures. Especially if those include Delenn smiling. :D

So, what do we see?

We see an important reminder of mathematical realities. Where Rangers come from, three minus one equals one.


"I know, we got a petition."
"For or against?"
"Based on the sound, they think we are torturing you in here."


"...the war, the fall of Narn, our mistakes, and what must be done to correct them."


"This time, they are planning to keep it."


The conspiracy of light, preparing its next move.


A look into the mirror. Zack asking "but where does it stop"?


Lack of Ivanova does not shelter you from rational advise. :p


Delenn promising to catch John if he falls. :)

Proper meditation? :p

Delenn listening to a story. :)

Such a cutie. :D

This is *definitely* a love story. :D

Run for cover -- Marcus tries to cheer up Ivanova.

The mistake is made. The outpost on Ganymede quickly becomes ashes.

Fight or flight? How many Earth ships would a Shadow vessel destroy?

Fight and flight... just fell into the same package.

Minbari navigators already fly at full throttle.

Return fire? Sheridan is having trouble with abandoning everything.

Delenn orders an atmospheric jump.

Zack treads a minefield.

Structure of the universe, relative to Susan Ivanova. :p

No good deed goes unpunished. Clark has received an excuse to declare martial law.
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I agree. 'Messages' always amazes me in how much is contained within it.

There is action (Macus' fight, the Jupiter battle), an awful lot of interesting backstory, some incredibly funny moments (the breakfast, Marcus' space dragon speech), and some incedibly tender ones.

When I watch the scene between Ivanova and Marcus in the middle, I always wonder what would have happenned if she hadn't turned round at the end. Marcus has just heard her opening up to him for the first time and you can see from the look on his face, that he desperately wants to console her. He begins to take a step, but then she says, 'it's time' and she's back in Commander mode.

What if she hadn't spoken? Would Marcus have been brave enough to step up and reach out to her?

Sorry for burbling, but I have a Marcus fanfic developing in my head and I'm trying to get into his. :p
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

You really could include Point of No Return and Severed Dreams in that statement. I've seen it said (maybe on this forum, maybe elsewhere, don't recall exactly) that you could take these three episodes and if you edited out the credits for the second two episodes and watched them all back to back, they would look like they belonged together as one big episode.

I won't say they are the best episodes of the series, but they well could be. And I have already watched these three twice since season 3 dvds arrived, despite not having finished all the way to the end of the set yet.
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I think this is one of my favorite pictures from any season. The feeling of digging up something ancient, alive, and evil was intense.
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

One of my favorite moments from the episode is during the Night Watch meeting. I used to watch the episodes during the first PTEN run with a bunch of friends in college. When the black female Night Watch officer says, "Has anyone seen the Captain in the past 2 days?" (or something to that effect), my friend Gerry, who is black, replied to the TV: "Learn your black history, bitch!"

We all got a hearty laugh out of that!

Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I like this episode aswell,it does have alot of everything in it.You could see that parts of EA are working with the shadows and have known about them for awhile now.
Nice screen caps there sleepy. :)
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I gotta agree, I love this episode. It has everything in it, as has The Coming Of Shadows. It has action, humour, the nice scene between Delenn and Sheridan...


Oh and...

Such a cutie. :D

I so agree!
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

I won't say they are the best episodes of the series,

I will.

They are the best episodes of the series. Or maybe the best block of episodes.

Though the last two of the season sure do give them a run for their money.

I even admit to being a little touched by the Delenn / Sheridan romance.

A little.
Re: \"Messages from Earth\": my favourite (spoilers)

After watching (and rewatching) the first three season, I've come to the same conclusion: "Messages from Earth" is probably my favorite (with "Comes the Inquisitor" running second).

Another reason nobody's really mentioned yet: Dr. Mary Kirkish. The actress who played her had to shoulder an awful lot of exposition, but she does an incredible job. Dr. Kirkish was one of those minor characters I've often wondered what happened to, and that had to do with the performance and writing.

One interesting sidenote: When Babylon 5 first aired in syndication, I really didn't get to see it because the show kept bouncing around (and I think there was a season where no local station carried it). I think I wound up watching a grand total of three or four episodes of the first four seasons. Messages from Earth was one of them, and it was really the first one that got me interested in the show.