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Messages for the Biggs Family

The The Galactic Gateway, the website created by Pat Tallman and Jeffery
Willerth, has set aside a special forum on its Zocalo message area for those
wishing to send condolences to the Biggs family. The folks at GG will make
sure that all messages posted there are sent on to Richard's widow and
sons. There is also an address where cards and letters can be sent care of


The memorial service

They've now announced the memorial service. Is the people comming? I would like it to be one of those services where every seat is taken, and some people have to stand in the back.
Any fans present should of course behave properly.
Re: The memorial service

I'd be surprised if they opened that up to fans. I would think it would be a closed friends and family sort of deal...
Re: The memorial service

It appears to be open memorial

From official B5 site board:
My name is Dennis Barger, I am a partner in Richard's Agent's company
www.scifipipeline.com. Donna Newman, my partner and Rick's agent, has
asked me to post the following information to everyone with the
permission of Lori (rick's wife)

An open Memorial service will be held for the special friends of
Richard Biggs on:

May 26, at 1 p.m.
Emmanual Lutheran Church,
6020 Radford,
North Hollywood, CA.

To share Best Wishes, Stories, Memories and Photos with the family
please send them to:

R.J. and Hunter Biggs
1052 W Alemeda #350
Burbank, CA
(this is a PO Box set up for the family, by the family)

In Lieu of flowers and gifts the Family has asked that donation be
sent to:

The Benefit of the Children for Richard James Biggs II
Washington Mutual Bank
840 N San Fernando Blvd
Burbank, CA

The family and friends of Richard Biggs thank everyone for the
outpouring of support through this very difficult time

Thank You
Dennis Barger

for independant confimation of any of this info please go to Pat
Tillman's site

please only use the information contained in this letter or the above
website to insure that your donations are going directly to the family
of Richard Biggs
Re: The memorial service

I'm guessing this means people whom he actually knew.

An open memorial service is an open memorial service. The phrase "special friends" is just a conventional courtesy - anyone who takes the time to show up will be considered a special friend. In the case of people with a high public profile, whether within a community or in the wider world, it is common for their to be one or more public memorial services while the funeral is private, limited to family and friends. So I don't see a contradiction, nor do I see why they would have publicly announced the memorial service if not to enable the public to attend. He could easily have written "a private memorial service will be held for Richard on Wednesday" and not named the venue.



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